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  1. Man I am having nothing but trouble with this thing. The mouse wheel scrolls so far that I think it must be bound to pg-up & pg-down functions. The device manager now shows it as 3 devices A USB Compliant Device, and two USB input devices. WTF is going on? I've never had any trouble using any other mouse.
  2. I am trying to get the Spawn to bind ctrl & shift to the 6 & 7 buttons respectively. I installed the driver as the administrator & installed the latest firmware. I go in through the software, and choose a keyboard key. I then set the keys, and attempt to test them: nothing. I restart the system, and test again: again nothing. I uninstall any old mouse drivers, and try again: nothing. I try setting the side buttons to f & k and test them in a word processor: Nothing. There's no response at all when they are pressed. I notice that another thing I'm doing is setting the mouse acceleration to off, but every time I open the program it shows that it's still on. So I start to think that maybe the driver isn't getting installed. I go into Device Manager and all it says is that this is a HID Compliant Mouse So.... Suggestions?