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  1. Good day! I am looking for cable management solutions for my Cosmos II. The rear panel has a hard time closing right now. And ideas are appreciated.
  2. Good day, This topic is not all doom and gloom like my last one. So, to the point, I want to cut off any and all wires from the factory wiring harness that are not ABSOLUTLEY required. By this I mean things like fan LEDs and for that matter, most of the fan wires at all seeing as they will be mostly run by my motherboard via PWM splitter and onboard headers. Ideas?
  3. So, no updates so far. Also, I now need a new fan controller due to power button not working. I will keep people posted if they want.
  4. Indeed I will. I will be adding another request shortly as well. The power button has failed now.
  5. I did all of the above. Repeatedly. I got the same response today. "You will get an email when the part is shipped."
  6. Good day all, So I ordered this fantastic MONSTER of a tower and upon unboxing have come to the conclusion that the PSU mounting bracket is missing. This is the last part that i need to finish by x99 build. I have every single other part and my patience is starting to wear thin. I originally requested the required part on 18 October. To this date I have repeatedly gotten the "you will get an email when it is shipped" response. Is this the norm with these guys? Also, is there a way to get one faster or perhaps a workaround that would be a possible temporary fix untill it finally gets here?