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  1. Well, it's not that bad, actually. The pump it's not intended to run at 7K FULL TIME. But it's a good thing that it can reach that speed when is needed. Try and find 3 pin fan header on your MB and see if you can manage from BIOS to slow the pump. Silent or normal mode or a quite mode... depending on your mobo.
  2. Closed Loop liquid coolers always need some air inside. Think about this: whent temps are rising, all liquids tend to increase their volume. If there were no space to expand the there will be such a pressure inside that at some point something will crash - the radiator, the pump, the isolation arround the tubes... So, yes, you always need a little air inside an AIO liquid cooler.
  3. Nope, 7K is not a misread. The pump run at that RPM if voltage is set to 12v. Well, my pump can reach 6880RPM. However, even Cooler Master agree that this speed is too much. So lowering at a 4500RPM is a good thing. Also the performance will drop by only 1 degree Celsius. Here is a link where you can read about this: I am running my pump at a nice and steady 3000RPM and only when CPU temp is over 70C it will ramp up to full speed (and that ramp up is because of the control software not me). However the CPU temp almost never reaches 70C in my system. I expect my pump will last well over estimated 70.000 hours.