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  1. Hi All And thanks in advance for your answer Anyone know if the Nepton 280L can fit on Haf 922 case? My idea is Radiator, inside at top, and the fans outside at top
  2. Thanks Well, the question is: Seidon 120XL Pump... at Full Speed or Temp Controlled?
  3. I sorry for take your time, but in the manual doesn't say anything about pump speed configuration I only find this video from CM for Seidon 120m at min 7 Looks to me is no correct that the pump runs at 100% all time, the liquid must have time to cool on the radiator, like a car Anyway, thank you very much!
  4. seems have 4 connector, but i can see only 3 wire incoming to the plug, maybe is not PWM
  5. Yeah! that is my question or doubt the 120xl pump, at full speed or controlled?
  6. Hi all And thanks in advance Recently i buy a Seidon 120XL, But.. is no clear to me if must be configured at full speed o controlled Any suggestion? My cooling configuration HAF 922 cpu fan = 2x120mm fans of seidon 120XL (push-pull, temp controlled) opt fan = 2x120mm incoming air (at one side, temp controlled) fan1 = 120xl pump at full speed fan2 = 200mm upper fan (exhaust, silent mode) fan3 = 200mm bottom front fan (incoming air, silent mode) thanks again and sorry for my spelling!