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  1. No, it's my fault for posting my question in an 'iMac' thread.
  2. Hi Pim, Thanks for the response, but unfortunately I'm using Windows on a PC, so I wouldn't be able to use that application. But thanks for the help!
  3. I see. Thanks for the help, and you should change this feature on future products! It wasn't the best decision..
  4. Yes, I bought the keyboard to use at work, and Excel is one of the main tools I use. I probably should have read more reviews before I decided.
  5. I wish I had known t I wish I had known about this before committing to buying a Devastator...
  6. So essentially, the scroll lock LED and backlight LED are one in the same, and there is no way to toggle one without the other?
  7. Is it possible to have an LED command on a Windows machine? I don't want to turn Scroll Lock on, but I do want the backlight.
  8. Is there anyway to rebind the light key to another button? Or do I have to open up the keyboard and solder it myself?