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  1. Thank you. That helped me out. Perfect. My rig is all set. Thanks alot again.
  2. Hi, So I just bought the CM 690 III case for my new rig. While putting it together I realized that the Cooler Master MegaFlow 200mm fan I bought won't screw on the top section of the case. It fits in alright but there are no screws that can hold it in the space given. The holes are relative bigger than the screws. Considering the fact that the one I got is a transparent side window one, that 200mm would prove to be completely useless if it cannot be mounted on the top. It clearly mentions on the website as well as the packing box that it can support a 200mm top fan but I just do see how that's possible. Anyone with a CM 690 III who could help me or was this just a marketing gimmick by CM? I hoping to be proved wrong and that someone will be able to come up with a way or guide me with it. Thanks Some pictures illustrating my issue. Here is what it looks like without the top panel. Here is the 200mm fan place underneath it, supported with my hand for the purpose of this picture.