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  1. Pedro, what you planning if you get the 1º place?
  2. Nice work! how did you make the grills? you use a dremel?
  3. I want to know what is the Gemini II desipation C/W, how much TDP they can desipate with two 120 mm fans of 115 CFM? Thanks.
  4. As thermalright say, this cooler need a large case like > 20cm and have a hard instalation, you should need to help 2 peoples to help you.
  5. Your UPS support your power supply wattage? for a 850watts PSU is required a UPS with > 1400VA Check your power cables at HD.
  6. watercooler is for extreme overclocking, i think him dont need one and is expensive. just check if is correctly installed, if him have any friend that have the same cooler as him it can get help with it.
  7. Good work Samamba, I will try to look ever you work log
  8. Very good How many CFM it have? whats the fan diameters? Thanks
  9. Wich fan are you using? My friend have a Gemini II with 2x Evercool Adda 110CFM runnings at 35c idle / E6750 @ 4,0GHZ