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  1. Ah sorry, yeah the Powercolor R9 280x fit perfectly no issues.
  2. Hey there. The card fits length wise no issues. Still run it. The side panel touches though although you can - barely - close the case. The side heatsink of the fan does touch though. What I have done now is to cut out the side panel of the top cover exactly where the heatsink of the Phantom is so the Gainward "refrigeration" fins stick out flush with the case. My next step is to put a nice clear or slightly colered perspex over it for a nice case mod. So yeah, the Gainward Phantom fits in the Coolermaster 130 with my Asrock mobo and Seasonic UPS. Edit: I took a quick pic so you can see the slight bit where it's "outside the edge." So the width is moe of an issue, but not a real issue.
  3. Thanks for the replies but I think I may have been uncleaar. I'm not concerned length or height wise, I knoiw it will fit in that regard. What I'm concerned with is the Width...being 2.5 slot design. I'm concerned that the case can't close with the card in. i.e will it stick out futher than the case edge where the GPU fans are or in the Gainward's case the heatsink fins?
  4. I've got a Cooler Master 130 Elite ITX case which I love. I am currently running a PowerColor R9 280X TurboDue GPU in there without issues. Lots of space. i now want to get a Gainward GTX970 GPU. It's a 2.5 slot design so i am wondering if you think it will fit. Gainward GPU in question http://www.eteknix.com/gainward-phantom-geforce-gtx-970-4gb-graphics-card-review/ Any help will be appreciated. i just can't find the actual width of the card. They give the length but not width other than "2.5 slot design"