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  1. I don't know why people are still thinking it is a driver issue after reading this post. This is clearly a hardware issue. The mouse that I RMA'd is now back to a broken state, though not as bad as the first mouse. I would not suggest buying this product, and I think CM should just remove it from the store as the mouse is clearly a piece of junk. The keyboard is great! You should either RMA the product, which will then break in a couple weeks, or just return the product and buy something else.
  2. So this mouse is starting to do the same thing. I don't want to ship it back and get another defective mouse, so what should I do now?
  3. So why are you posting in this topic when it has nothing to do with the mouse wheel? Create your own topic.
  4. Just RMA the mouse. Not sure why this isn't clear in this thread by now. My RMA still seems to be working good, but I occasionally feel like it scrolls up once when I was not expecting it to. I am hoping that it does not get worse.
  5. I got the new mouse back and have been using it for about 2 weeks with no issues. Just RMA the mouse and hope you get a working replacement. Maybe the batch made with the keyboards are bad? Thanks Frank
  6. Brit, They accepted my RMA request and I am waiting to get the mouse back in the mail. You only need to send in the mouse, not the Keyboard. I would suggest starting the process, and you don't need to attach the receipt as it is still under warranty. Hope this helps! Frank
  7. Patrick, Will I have to return the keyboard and mouse, or just the mouse? Thanks Frank
  8. That is exactly it. Cooler Master support, who should I contact to talk about this?
  9. This is getting harder to deal with, should I RMA the mouse or is this expected behavior?
  10. Usually just one click up. But this is really annoying when gaming and using it to select items or scroll between attacks.
  11. I recently bought the devastator keyboard and mouse pack, and am very happy with everything but the mouse wheel. Often when using it to scroll through webpages, or using it in games, it will scroll to where I want, and then snap back the opposite way that I was scrolling. I have tried changing to scroll rate, but it still happens almost every time. Has anyone else had this issue, or is there a way to reduce the sensitivity? Thanks Frank