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  1. What I REALLY want to see is 915 sidepanel that support 4 fans instead of 3. I'd buy 4 of those. Cmon CM. Make it happen.
  2. From the CM Store: Unfortunately I dont think you can buy just the drive cage. This one comes with extra PSU and IO plate blockers for the 915R and an extra sata power extension
  3. That sounds pretty awesome. Definitely post some pictures up when you get all that set up. Quick disconnects from the 935 to the 915 sounds really cool. Might have to do that when I get to that point.
  4. Ah, I see what you mean. Why not mount the fan controller in the 935 instead of the 915? Cable management reasons?
  5. You don't need to cut anything. The 5.25 bay is screwed in. Just unscrew the front screws and take it out
  6. You can mount a 2.5 or 2.5 in the 915R in the 5.25 bay. There should be some rubber pieces in your kit with weird looking screws that go in them.
  7. Seems like an enormous oversight by coolermaster :/ If they offered a package of like 12 screws that are the right length, I'd totally buy em.
  8. Nope, can't mount just a fan with them. Threads are far too small, they go straight through the fan and poke out the other side a little bit. They're very clearly for a fan with a radiator.
  9. I guess? Just seems odd the screws that came with the case don't fit.
  10. Just put the HAF Stacker together with my build. Man this case is awesome. Sadly, the screws that came with the case and the screws that came with my Seidon 120m aren't long enough. Mounting it up to the 915R. They're just a couple threads short with the air filter on, and the screws that came with Stacker are even shorter by like 1 thread. If I take the filter out of the side panel, mounts up just fine, no problem. Any thoughts on this? I'd rather have the air filter on. BTW, I moved from the Storm Sniper case, and after I got everything put together, my temps on my cpu dropped roughly 10 degrees. Super awesome case this is. Edit: I should also mention, I'm doing a push-pull. Screws aren't long enough to go through the side panel, air filter, standard size 120mm fan, and then reach the radiator. Just a hair short.