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  1. Hey Pim, I couldn't find the info you posted on the official website, they've forgot to add it?
  2. Just a quick feedback for anyone that might be interested in this keyboard. In regards to the L shaped cable that anyone complained about, while it's still in the L shape, is not orientated to the right side anymore, but to the center of the keyboard, which is a great change in my opinion.
  3. Got my package todayt, both the Mizar and the Rapid-I seems to be ok at the first glance. I would like to thank Pim for the involvement. I'm pretty sure it would have taken longer without him, for me he pretty much washed away the ignorance CM has proven with their potential customers.
  4. I don't think they have an ISO layout at all, but the US one does the trick for me (Currently I'm using an ISO layout but I'll have no issues with the US one either), however it seems that you also want the blue ones which I've read somewhere that they come at the end of the year or something like that.
  5. I wouldn't call that a stock (3 pcs., omg). Luckly enough I've managed to grab one so thank you.
  6. You haven't missed anything, still nothing. This is getting very frustrating, a couple of weeks ago they gave away free keyboards but they didn't had any in stock on their website. I'm also worried about what would happen if I have any issues with the keyboard, how they would exchange it if they are out of stock all the time?
  7. I'm in Romania, probably will take another two three weeks to get at retailers, so I'd rather purchase it straight from the EU Store. I hope you'll update the website by tomorrow.
  8. Okay thanks, as I was checking the website today I noticed that there was 1 In stock with the Nordic layout, hopefully that's not the availability we're talking about. LOL.
  9. Hello, It's Wednesday, any news on the availability? Something offtopic: I couldn't find a proper section to send feedback about the forum, but 5 posts per page, really? Regards, Alexandru P.
  10. Hello Pim, Thank you, I really appreciate it. If possible, try to keep this thread up to date with news in regards to restock (maybe others are interested too). Regards.
  11. Hello guys, Thanks for answering. Actually I do have a couple of questions. 1. "Expecting" and "should" doesn't sound too good. So is the shipment actually scheduled for the next week or that's what you hope so? 2. The cable which goes into the keyboard comes with the non-sense L shape that points towards the mouse or will be the straight one? 3. Will you have the US layout? Given the fact that the keyboard was out of stock for so long, what would happen in case of a faulty unit, how it will get replaced assuming this will happen again. I really try to be your customer but to be honest I find it very difficult. The only thing that pushes me forward is the fact that I like the keyboard combination (tkl, illuminated, brown mx, black color). Thank you.
  12. Hello, It's been two months since the Rapid-I is not available on your website: It's very odd that you cannot deliver your own products, I've sent couple of e-mails at in regards to the keyboard, none of them have ever been replied. I tried to contact you on Facebook and YouTube as well, no one ever bothered to answer. Now that's the way to go with a potential customer. I wanted to purchase the Rapid-I with brown switches and US layout. To be honest I'm sick and tired of waiting, this is my first 'experience' with Coolermaster and I am very disappointed. I will never be able to understand what could cause such a "long"age. So what's going on, why no one answers on emails, youtube or facebook comments? Do you have any ETA's for the Rapid-I or should I start looking for another brand? [ducky and others have pretty much the same price and same quality if not better]. Thank you.