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  1. how good is the 140xl when you install a 120mm fan. I have some cougar vortex pwm here and they very quiet while pushing a lot of air at full load. They quieter than the stock fans that came with my 140xl. I'm installing it for my r9 280xes and it's really good I must say but wish i went with 120mm radiator. Anyway so i have corsair air540. If I want to install the radiator in front sing 120mm fans at first will I use the 120mm fan mounting holes or must I use the 140mm fan holes. I kknow it sounds dumb bup just wants to make sure.
  2. I can put one of the front fans between the mesh in front and the actual case. so it's not really inside. my GPU is not as big as the sapphire toxic. mine is 268mm long. might be like 2 mm shorter cause I'm going to take the cooler off
  3. ok specs = corsair air540 i7-4790k 16GB ram adata 2400mhz 2x club3d r9 280x roaylking crossfire h100i on the top sound blaster z
  4. My biggest issue is with fitting. This cooler is not exactly cheap and if it doesn't fit it won't work. I can run the fan between the grill/mesh and the actuall case. so kinda like outside the front area but still protected. I just checked a video and the guy had a 60mm rad with front fans included and he was running a 590 with no clearance issue so this will give me about 63mm clearance and my card is shorter so it should fit
  5. Hi there. Can anyone tell me if I run 1 fan only on the 140XL will that be a good idea? My plan is to use it to cool my GPU. Now i can get the bracket to do this but my case doesn't allow me much room. I have the corsair air540 case if that helps. I already have a 240mm rad at the top and doing it at the back is going to be a problem. I want to cool my 2x r9 280x cards so I have to get 2. so all I need to know is can i do a push in front with only the 1 included fan so i can get it to fit? Hope I have enough info