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  1. Check your power scheme for the state of the usb suspend setting.
  2. Nope, its just your brain having issues working logically. Go buy from the other brand and stop being whiny child. The_Captain - check your power scheme for the state of the usb suspend setting.
  3. Which is not the problem here. Can you read at all? If it was failed led it will not be able to power on after gone faulty. So read my post and you will know why DammitRuss have this "problem". And for all I can do is laugh. Your logic is flawed. So few hundred people complains for problems in some product and suddenly that make all of them bad? Did you ever think about how many tens of thousands are being made worldwide? That if you and hundred others have bad luck this is valid for every one buying the said item? LOL! As I told you in your topic - just use your warranty instead of whining as a little child.
  4. Yes, there is. If you press the fn button for about 3 seconds and its light turn on then you have just activated the additional functions of the whole fn buttons row. (play, pause, stop, control of the backlight and so on) If you press it again for about 3 seconds and its light turn off then every fn button just has returned to its original function. Also you can notice that your f12 light normally is not turned on. This means that the win (flag) buttons are working as they normaly do. If you press the fn button untill its light turn on and then press f12 - the f12 would lit on and the win (flag) buttons will no longer work. This is usefull in the games preventing the chance to minimize the game and go to desktop in the middle of the game.
  5. Sounds awesome to me. The good thing is that if I ever encounter this problem I`ll know where to look.
  6. Hey, 3550 was my old cpu too it did great but now I have upgraded to i7 because I needed more power. And yes, do that update.
  7. Oops. xD Its because in the other forum we talked about the ultimate model, and somehow I failed to notice the XT in your post above. Why you don`t give them a call and ask for one with browns? May be they have them but didn`t update the page on time
  8. Well, if you think about it there is something called quality control. I don`t think they would skip on that giving the price of their products. The fact that leds are parts that can die only of bad voltage, and the used controller have no problems operating more than 100 - if one or few go dead then they are just defect from the beginning. So what should you do if you have such problems? Use the warranty - its not there for good looks, you know. These products are made in quantity of ten of thousands. The sheer amount have the statistical probability of defects in some percentage. That is why every manufacturer give its clients the warranty period. So don`t be shy and if you have problems you just use it, lol. And no, I`m not working for CM. I`m just a happy customer. I live in Bulgaria and here most of the good shops give you the option to turn on and try your product before paying it. I did that when I purchased my ultimate. After all this is not a product for 5 $, lol.
  9. Do you know that people all over the planet have something very common. Everyone that have purchased something and got some technical defect often goes overboard and complain wherever they can. But everyone that have normally working products are quiet and rarely express that. Now I am sorry for your problem but why not just make use of the RMA and get new one? Going to different brand is not heal-all, you know. Well, it`s your choice after all. I`m happy with my ultimate and I don`t feel embarrassed to tell that.
  10. This is strange. I don`t have such problem with mine, atleast in the begining when I still used sleep mode. I have UPS and my pc is working 24/7 most of the time. Btw my OS is windows 7 x64 updated fully with SP1. I have purchased mine december 2013 and used it for about an year with i5 based config and now I`m using it with the new one with i7 and I have no problems whatsoever . I have also used it with various laptops from brands such as HP, Lenovo, Acer using OS from win 7 x32, win 7 x64, win 8, win 8.1 without problems. And they all have active sleep mode and I didn`t notice any effects like the one you are talking about. What is your hardware? If the OS you using is pirated version you can run into various problems.
  11. Are you sure? Did you look for example here ? As I see the ultimate model is only 5lv. more than mine when I buy it december 2013 for 184lv. from most computers.
  12. And to be clear - I use it on the lowest brightness not because I`m worried that LEDs lifespan will be shorten too much - it`s because everything over that is too bright. Which is awesome but it hurts my eyes because I type a lot. The thing that kill LEDs is too high voltage and when the voltage is unstable with over the tops spikes. If the voltage is regulated properly everything is ok. And when you power more than one - in this case 100+ the regulation is even more easy. This, the cherry`s and the crazy build quality makes Ultimate price little bit higher but its worth it. Also even lowest quality LEDs have crazy good lifespan - even with 24/7 use you will be old man by the time that one or few leds are for replace. In our case Ultimate is top class keyboard with good quality control and equiped with good parts, so the potential for problems are probably below 1%. I have leds mounted on equipment from 1984 and they still works. So make your math... --- I have made small video. Btw usually I use it 10-12 hours per day, but most of the time I don`t turn off the pc so it stays on 24/7.
  13. I have my ultimate for over an year now. I use it on the lowest brightness. Most ot the days I leave it on 24/7. There is not an slightest decrease in the top brightness level.
  14. Hello. I purchased mine (mx brown with red backlight) on 19 december 2013 and I have never been so happy. My hands are really heavy so my keyboards rarely live over 6-8 months. Last year I decide to go for something sturdier and after fairly long research I choose CM Ultimate. It looks like I want, sound as I like and build quality is heavy duty. I have snapped a few pictures for you, hope they will give you some idea. This is after average workload of 10, 11 hours/day - still looks brand new to me.