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  1. I agree with world. But to answer your question Raymond, the product came with 2 different types of screws. One was to screw down the radiator, the other to screw down the liquid cooling block onto the motherboard. I used the screws for the radiator in BOTH situations, which caused the liquid cooling block to not properly cool the cpu (not screwed down enough due to different screw). I went back, switched it to the proper screw, bolted down, and voilà . As I said before, I agree with world as 33 deg C is pretty good, and having ac on will push that down. May your framerates be high, and your temperatures low.
  2. I fixed it! It had nothing to do with any of those things. When screwing down the cooling block I used the wrong screw, causing it to not push against the CPU enough to cool it down. But thanks anyway guys! It was not product error, but my inability to follow directions, lol.
  3. That's the thing, my CPU isn't even overclocked. But I'm going to try changing things in the BIOS, wiring, and screw tightness. Thanks for the replies, and I'll check back soon.
  4. I bought a Cooler Master Seidon liquid cooling product for my PC build. My i7 4770k tends to run at 90 deg C during games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And being afk it can run anywhere between 55 and 70 deg C. Is there something wrong with the liquid cooling? Is there any way I can fix it? I just need some advice. Here is the product.