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  1. Thanks for your help! Yeah, your suggestion is what I've got (pump reports 1400RPM). Problem is that that way it runs the Radiator fans based on Case and not CPU temp. I was just wondering if there was a better way. If there was a way to lock the sys fan at 100% that would have been a solution too (ie, run the cooler pump off the sys fan), but that's not possible with my BIOS I think. I also thought of a Molex->3 pin adapter to run the Pump off, and then use the CPU fan header to run the radiator fans, but then there's no monitoring of the pump - which is pretty important i'd have thought. Looks like I might be stuck with manual Radiator fan control (or go for your fan controller, which looks awesome).
  2. I'm Asking how to best connect to the fan headers so that I can maintain pump failure warning as well as fans following CPU temp.
  3. I have a Seidon 240M on a Gigabyte EX58UD4P with a mild OC'd I7-920 (3.6Ghz). Short version: How to I connect the fans to maintain Pump cooling and monitoring as well as dual radiator fans following CPU temp? Long version: I have the Watercooler pump connected to the 4 pin CPU fan header, set to Locked full speed in the BIOS. This Mobo has no secondary CPU fan header so the dual watercooler fans are connected to the 4-pin sys fan 2 header with the supplied splitter cable, and this default runs @ about 20% (and does not change under CPU load). Idle temp ~40C and load peaks at 82C (prime95). 22C ambient. I can however set the speed of the dual fans (sys fan 2) manually using Open hardware monitor or speedfan. At 100% fan speed the temp drops by 15C under load but is quite loud. Sys fan 1 and 3 headers are connected to the front and back case fans. They are 3 pin headers. Open hardware monitor does see these and reports fan speed, but adjusting speed does nothing. They don't appear to be running full speed. I'm thinking I would be better served connecting the watercooler pump to an alternate header, and let the Dual fans run off the CPU fan header to follow CPU temp. Is that right? - and how to I do this on this mobo, and maintain pump speed monitor or failure warning? Was looking at a Molex--> 3-pin fan adapter but this means I lose failure warning - right? is that bad? The manual only instructs to connect both the Cooler pump and Fans to 4 pin headers. Thanks in Advance. Dabade