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  1. Finish "Cooler master Elite 130 Stacker"
  2. Oh.. forgot this , just finished 2 fan mounting and it will mount to the position that Elite 130 already have. OK, just need 2 more fan and mount it to the position that Elite 130 already have.
  3. Just brought new Cooler master Elite 130 for prepare to complete CNC Controller.
  4. Thank you Thank you, i'll try it and i still need one more slim 80mm fan to take the heat out.
  5. After finished connector back panel but look like i'll not finish my CNC soon so i decide to make new back panel by using piece of side panel that i cut it out. The new back panel will make my cases more cooler.
  6. OK, Let cutting side panel and will glue an acrylic to side panel.
  7. After move PSU to bottom , the heat was more higher than normal so i decide to bought "Samuel 17" & "Corsair SP 120".
  8. # after finished move PSU to bottom then i just finish my black i/o panel. This panel will support me to put CNC component in this cases. There connector will support 4 axis stepper motor , 1 e-stop , 3 limit switch.
  9. Update 10/10/2014 :: Cooler master Elite 130 Stacker ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello , Today i'll show you my new PC build with simple & easy mod and sorry for an images , it didn't have all of step to make it done. # Just cut angle aluminum and drill cases with 2 hole for mountting angle aluminum. Angle aluminum, i use it for hold PSU. PS. Sorry for my English , if i make you confuse please feel free to ask me.