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  1. Yeah pretty much Although saying that many cases I have looked into buying have only the one place for the fan to go (meant for the PSU) which means air isn't so much passing upwards but from right to left. I was more interested in getting a case that would benefit the graphics card more as I feel many cases might have the airflow to the CPU etc. but don't direct it so much at the GPU.
  2. Holy... Now that is a beautiful pc, using one of my favorite cases as well
  3. So pretty much here's an idea I had for a case. It's literally just a quick thought I had and was like hey, lets just design it so here it is. I know there are some things that are a bit odd and may not work so if you could give feedback on them it would be nice. The idea I had for this was a case that maximised airflow using basic physics of heat rising to do it. It is in no way proportional as it was just a quick design Hope you like?