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  1. 2 hours ago, Ben Dixon said:

    I tried this but nothing, are u using PWM or DC and also so u say you have the pump plugged into SYS_FAN and CPU Fan is for the radiator - does your software work also

    Below is for your reference , Regarding the software im not using it for now just cm portal .

    My suggestion try reinstall your cooler and see how the result .



  2. 25 minutes ago, Madhaze said:

    Will this cooler fit in the MB530p case?


    The specs say 165.1mm high , the case says it can take 165mm max! Too close?


    Does any one use this cooler with this case?





    For your reference Cooler Master Master air Maker 8 CPU Cooler in CM690 III

    If me i will not take the risk 

  3. 3 hours ago, HotSauce said:

    Cooler Master and AMD created the Wraith Ripper together.  I was hoping to get feed back by people who know this specific cpu cooler well


    My bad and ur correct .

    You save if you have nice temp

    Try read this its like close what you facing : Cooler Master Master air Maker 8 CPU Cooler in CM690 III and this is link for your cooling COOLER MASTER WRAITH RIPPER

    Please contact customer services via ticket for more details .

  4. 4 hours ago, Qwerky Pengwen said:

    My question is this:
    Will the CM RGB LED Controller work for me on my Z170?
    From what I can figure out (since nothing about this product is all that clear) is that it'll connect via a USB header and just simply work using software.

    Another issue I am having is that I can only seem to purchase from an international seller that operates out of Asia on Newegg.
    I live in America.

    I need to know if this is all I need to buy to get my CM RGB fans to be customizable on my Z170 platform that has no RGB headers.

    Because if not, then I'll have to go and buy a Z270 motherboard for a lot more money just to get control over the lighting.



    Im using RGB LED controller + Z97 Board

    Details at here Non RGB Motherboard with RGB stuff