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  1. Can you print screen ? Below is what i got .
  2. Hello After click the link you given as above and below is what i got .
  3. Not sure what happen to your MM520 Specs Windows 10 Pro 64Bit ( fully Upgrade ) and not pirate
  4. Try read this :
  5. Hello That is great , from Bronze to Gold Share my PSU story . i hv 3 type and i would like to say GOLD is the best . My suggestion try run in 1 week and see how the result and at the same time try communicate with Customer Services VIA ticket for further action .
  6. Hello This combo is concept plug and play , no need the software or required + If you found that mouse run not very well you can return it back to the store where you bought that combo ( all ) and replace it . And try get customer service via ticket for more details . By the way did you try it with the mouse pad ?
  7. Hi the other one i will shut down ya . and you can continue all at here .
  8. You can check TDP ML 240 L at here > Thermal Design Power (TDP) & CPU Socket Compatibility List Like i said please try as i mentioned above , might can be help you Also please check all WATT stuff you have like 1, GTX 1070 ti at least need 500 watt 2, AM4 7 2700x watt ? and others stuff watt ? To answer your Question . i cant answer it But you can imagine how much total watt you need for one system > How much wattage I need in my PSU for the PC build? FYI we have same cooling, 16gb ram, gtx 770oc 4690k intel 3tb hdd 250gb x2 ssd led rgb control with 6 rgb fans 120m led but my watt at 750 + 80 PLUS Gold certified Please take note : If still facing same issue , please contact customer services via ticket for more details
  9. Im worry a bit with your 600watt psu if enough to support your system rig My suggestion try install the cooling without the graphic card and see how the result. If still facing same issue , id like suggest you by contacting customer services via ticket for assist .
  10. Hello May i know what kind specs you have ?
  11. Hello Correct me Your board is not RGB type right ? Try read this since board is not RGB type : Non RGB Motherboard with RGB stuff
  12. Hello Contact customer services via ticket for more details or assist
  13. Hello Sorry about this ya Try read forum rules > While you may receive technical help in these forums, do not expect administrators or moderators to serve you directly. Instead, please contact Cooler Master support: Full at here : Forum Rules and Guidelines Sorry for the inconvenienced Hi There Customer Services will reply your ticket as soon as possible .
  14. Hello Both Owner this cooling ( forget ) maybe 1-2 days after launched 2-3 months i will cleaning this cooling Result so far no Noise Try unplug all the related wire 3-5 mins like that then plug in back and see how the result Please take note > Try touch customer services via ticket for further action or assist < if still facing same issue
  15. Oh ok , well you have to touch the customer services via ticket for further action .