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  1. Got 2 option a, fan on the back b, get slim fans ? For AIO please check your chassis ability but normally 240 mm is the most fit into the chassis
  2. i am not AMD fans but as i mentioned above try reinstall your cooling
  3. WE ARE READY FOR YOUR AM4 SOCKET < you can check at here
  4. Can you try the PSU to other PC`s? Your GTX 1660 only need at least 550 watt Own this PSU since coming out serving me well til now
  5. Honestly 131-135 F if convert to Celsius is around 55`c under load so i think is not a big deal If you still concern about the temp you can reinstall your ML240 and see how the result + if still facing same issue i would suggest you by contacting customer services via ticket .
  6. you can ask them any via ticket OR you can check it at the hardware store maybe one of the you solution
  7. i am not pretty sure if RGB but for Jetflo sure will be fit Check at Here
  8. i am not sure when but you can ask them via ticket .
  9. I am not pretty sure but when i googling i found like as below Honestly compare front whatever in or out i like put it on the top 3 x 140 mm fans at the front enough to cool down the temp
  10. For EU : Eu Store For US : Us Store For Apac : Apac Store You guys can check all items as attached above .
  11. You can check at US or EU store