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  1. Mohd Noh

    hyper 212 evo led

    Hello Please contact customer support via ticket and they will assist you
  2. Mohd Noh

    H500P Mesh Front Panel Part# MCA-H5P0C-MMFP00

    Hello Please contact customer services via ticket for more details
  3. Mohd Noh

    Cooler Master RGB LED controller not working

    Hello Just give you some tips , try take off all wires + fans and reinstall it back ( just put one fan ) and see how the result . If still same result i would like suggest you by contacting customer services via ticket .
  4. Mohd Noh

    PSU Bracket

    Please Contact customer services via ticket for more details
  5. Terbaik ,try check shopee i guess have good $$
  6. Hello Jun If you from Malaysia , please touch CM MY via FB , he can help you
  7. Mohd Noh

    Non RGB Motherboard with RGB stuff

    Hello To make it on , we need an software and not just software but the ( device ) RGB LED CONTROLLER as well . This device is easy , just need follow the manual and done . Before i move to Fully RGB setup , i am using Master Liquid 240 ( non RGB ) but with as i mentioned above i am able make RGB stuff . Please get an advice from customer service and they will assist you .
  8. Mohd Noh

    Amd wraith max pro help.

    Hello For your reference :
  9. Mohd Noh

    Help rma

    Hello , Can you share some picture regarding this issue ?
  10. Mohd Noh

    i need help..

    650 watt for safety
  11. Mohd Noh

    Fan Setup

    Well with i7 you loaded at 65c > good
  12. Mohd Noh

    Fan Setup

    Hello May i know what kind specs you have and temp ? Share some info : Own this case over like 2 year + Current setup 4690k with 16gb rams 140mm x3 fans at the front as intake 120mm x1 fan at the rear or back 240m radiator on the top Run in full speed and lowest temp i get is 28-31c ( idle ) load at 50c
  13. For portal the answer is no and for more detail you can contact customer service via ticket and they will assist you . Below is picture for your reference
  14. Mohd Noh

    H500M Malaysia Launch Date?

    Kena sabar sikit but you can contact customer service via ticket and they will assist you.