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  1. Hi Phil . Thanks and please patient because our customer service will reply your tickit as soon as possible.
  2. Hello Would be nice if you can create a ticket and our customer services will give you more details regarding what you already mentioned above .
  3. Warranty 2 years instead of 5 in my country

    Our customer services will reply your ticket as soon as possible .
  4. Warranty 2 years instead of 5 in my country

    Hello Please touch our customer services for more detail They will answer your question via ticket . The warranty should be in 5 years .
  5. Extremely slow RMA 3 months+ (Solved )

    Case has been solved
  6. MasterWatt 650 - looks promising...

    Hello . May I help you?
  7. How to fix Cooler Master Portal?

    Hello I am using windows 10 pro 64bit legal key with latest version . Did you to try uninstall the software + delete the folder ?
  8. Cooler Master V8 GTS

    Please touch our customer service for more details
  9. Cooler Master V8 GTS

    Can you share some picture >> your motherboard ? And below is picture for your reference > Stryker and Trooper If this still make you concern i would like suggest you by contacting our customer services via ticket .
  10. RMA parcel delivered incorrect address

    Hello No need to worry they will touch you as soon as possible .
  11. Un-resolved Case

    Hello Please check your inbox
  12. Cooler Master V8 GTS

    Hello Correct me You meant is height or what ? Base on what we got that Trooper support support up to 186mm height : TROOPER SE meanwhile V8 GTS only at 166.5mm
  13. Extremely slow RMA 3 months+ (Solved )

    Hello Please your inbox
  14. master liquid pro 120 pump buzzing noise

    Hello Thanks for the specs info Can you double check the noise coming from ? If from the pump i would like suggest you >> TRY run it 72H and see how the result because ( share my story ) own this cooling and first installation im also have problem ( like you ) 3x reseat . After read and talked with some people they suggest me to run 72h , end up my story > after 48H the noise gone until today << could be the air bubbles trapped . Well now our support services will assist you .
  15. master liquid pro 120 pump buzzing noise

    Hello May i know what kind specs you have ? The MLP 120 should be silent during operation . Suggest you by following as below : How to determine if the pump is functioning on your liquid cooler Liquid Cooling: Where do I connect the Fans and Pump? Try reinstall and Reseat the Pump and see how the result > if still facing same issue i would like suggest you touch our customer services via ticket and they will assist you .