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  1. like i mentioned above you guys can return it if you found faulty or defective units.
  2. So far all of my power supply running in good condition . If you facing with the quality you can return it where you bought it or you can RMA .
  3. Hello Try reinstall your cooling and see how the results. So far i don`t having a problem with this cooling
  4. Hello Bro Can you pm me regarding this issue or you can contact CM Malaysi via FB. Edited Sorry bro , we do not have that.
  5. Hello , Good morning,

    Would you please help with logging in to my account  to cooler-master website ( , i can't log in , it keep says logins attempts failed

    after posting a ticket into support section (for having a problem with loud fan) i recieved an email with subject (Your case 24684 has been updated) .. i tried to log in to see the comment on my case i couldn't .. 

    sorry for the disturbance

    thank you

  6. Try check build advice section perhap u can get the solution.
  7. I am not sure too Try check this link : Non RGB Motherboard with RGB stuff
  8. Below is for your reference , Regarding the software im not using it for now just cm portal . My suggestion try reinstall your cooler and see how the result .
  9. Hello Over 1Y half using this cooler so far i working very well . My connection as below Radiator pump connector > SYS FAN Fans connector > CPU Fan So try switches your connector between the CFU FAN and SYS FAN
  10. Hello Try contact customer services via ticket maybe they home some spare regarding what you mentioned above .
  11. Hello Your mouse should be fine FYI i cant count how many time delete and install back this software . Please check at end of your hand + please get an advice from customer services via ticket .
  12. Hello Try get customer services via ticket for more details
  13. Hello Can you link your model ? If i am not mistake MK Lite concept is plug and play no need the software
  14. Hello For your reference : Cooler Master Master air Maker 8 CPU Cooler in CM690 III If me i will not take the risk