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  1. Try contact customer services Try check out this video : HOW TO Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition AM4 Install Guide And i found some guys done install this cooling same with your board
  2. My bad and ur correct . You save if you have nice temp Try read this its like close what you facing : Cooler Master Master air Maker 8 CPU Cooler in CM690 III and this is link for your cooling : COOLER MASTER WRAITH RIPPER Please contact customer services via ticket for more details .
  3. Hello This is Cooler Master forum and correct me ya , as you mentioned above is not related with CM products right ? If so i will close this thread .
  4. Hello Can you share some pic ? . Try check this video : AMD Ryzen AM4 Upgrade Kit Installation RR-AM4B-H212-S1
  5. Hello Please contact customer services via ticket for assist .
  6. Hi Guys , Would be nice if you guys can attach some details like as below a, Models name ( Link ) b, Error or problem ( Detail problem ) c, Picture for reference , Audio or Video So anyone in this forum can share or help . Thanks
  7. Hello Im using RGB LED controller + Z97 Board Details at here : Non RGB Motherboard with RGB stuff
  8. pls contact customer services for more details.
  9. Hey Josh Please contact customer services for assist .
  10. can you attach some picture regarding all of this ?
  11. Contact customer services for more details
  12. Hello Can you attach some pic ?
  13. Hello Sure u can , please refer picture as below You can check this link Non RGB Motherboard with RGB stuff And for more detail please contact customer services , they will assist you .
  14. Hello You can refer pic as below For details you can click this link : MasterBox Q500L