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  1. RGB Controller C10L reset after restart?

    Update : I have old PC socket 775 and i will try my ML 120 L RGB to this PC ( week end ) with this controller So please buy me sometimes ya
  2. RGB Controller C10L reset after restart?

    Hello Ni Hou Can you talk with our customer services via ticket ? they will assist you .
  3. Coolermaster Rgb controller not working.

    Hello , That message is usually there if the USB cable or the sata cable is not plugged in May i know what kind specs you have + can you print screen the error ? I just make this part 1-2 weeks ago with z97x board > nothing error i get in windows 10 pro ( original ) fully update like just plug and play By the way did you try to uninstall then delete all related folder ? And try read this : RGB Controller Not Recognized
  4. A question about the modular cables.

    Great and Cheers
  5. Connect

    Hello Noted with thanks I will forward your suggestion to the related team
  6. Fan/case questions

    Updated : Below is some picture ya MasterCase Pro 5 with ML 240 with MasterFan Pro RGB 120mm Air Flow Since i am allocated my radiator on the top and my environment also not much hot so i choose the Air Flow ( refer my attached below ) What i can say here is > its depends on the situation .. before you get any fans , you can check the higher temp + environment in your room then you can decide which one is suitable for you chassis
  7. Fan/case questions

    Later on update the pictures for your reference
  8. Fan/case questions

    You can check at build advise I already made up ml 240 with Masterfan pro air blow The lowest temperature I get is 22c and higher is 30c. and it's depends on the situation
  9. Cooler Master N200 and Seidon 120v v3 Plus

    Hello N300 also great and able make dual fans at the back Owner this case for long period and but no more hehe > already give to my friend Just suggestion Since you have a great Proc i love suggest you to get mid tower chassis like MasterCase
  10. Noted and i will ask someone at HQ team regarding your question Please patient , be back later on once i get info from them
  11. HAF XB EVO with CM V750 PSU

    Hello You ca try read this
  12. Hello Correct me You mean like as picture below ? You can check this link : Hardware Review – CM Storm Trooper Full Tower Case
  13. A question about the modular cables.

    Updated : Talked with HQ team Is yes , Except CPU cable The pin definition of CPU cable are different
  14. Elite 431 Plus - locking clips for HHD

    Hello You can submit a ticket and customer services will assist you .
  15. Dpi button and rgb lighs stopped working

    Hello Ricardo Did you have others system ? like Laptop or others PC ? If yes you can try and see how the result ? Or replug to others port ? Please contact our customer services for more details