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  1. RGB fans out of sync (using correct software)

    Please read this : Forum Rules and Guidelines While you may receive technical help in these forums, do not expect administrators or moderators to serve you directly. Instead, please contact Cooler Master support:
  2. Show Us Your Cases!

  3. Scout 2 Advanced Water Cooling

    Please contact customer services for more detail but i believe they not compatible with scout 2 because of the fans maybe touching the tube Below is scout 2 white with seidon 120v
  4. Cooler Master V6 on Skylake (1151) compartibility

    Hi there , you can check this link : WE ARE READY FOR YOUR AM4 SOCKET
  5. Scout 2 Advanced Water Cooling

    Hi Luke, So far 120mm size of radiator can fit or can mount at the back of scout 2.
  6. G750M PSU Second PSU

    Hi Can share some picture and detail you system?
  7. Will Seidon 120m Fit in my case?

    you save man , if you able mount the radiator but when i check you chassis specs is there no place to mount the radiator ( correct me ) and i`m agree with you if you get low profile air cooling + can you share detail about you current system ?
  8. Will Seidon 120m Fit in my case?

    Hi Patrick , Where you mount the radiator ? Recommend you to get Air Cooling instead Water Cooling . The answer is Not Fit .
  9. Weird Trickling noise

    Nice and just issue ticket to customer services if you still having this problem .
  10. Weird Trickling noise

    Hi there Correct me , mean you ML 240 before you doing maintenance all in good condition , no noise right ? but after you done doing maintenance your ML 240 having this noise right ? Did you try to reinstall again ? can you share some picture and record the noise ?
  11. Update : HQ team has fixed the problem , please try it again . Any error you get please take some picture , i will forward it to HQ team . Thanks

    Hi,Thanks for the picture , i will share this picture to HQ team + i will delete your picture due to protect your privacy Sorry for any inconvenience caused Update : talked with HQ team , can you select Fan Failure as the failure reason ? If yes , you can using this one . Updated : The system has been fixed , you can try again
  13. Hi Guys , Regarding this issue my advice please contact customer services via ticket , they will help you both
  14. CM Vertical GPU Mount

    HI There Yes at HQ store : Vertical Graphics Card Holder with Riser Card This part , no idea when ETA but you can contact customer services via ticket and they will assist you .
  15. Cooler Master Water Cooling Support Guide

    Regarding this , please contact customer services via ticket as in my signature . HI there , You can check this link : Upgrade Kit Compatibility
  16. Hi Cathy , This is Airmaker 8 specs = 135 x 145 x 172 mm (LxWxH) This is Cooler Master 590 III specs CPU Cooler = 159mm / 6.2 Too bad the airmaker 8 cant sit into this chassis .
  17. Liquid Nepon

    you welcome
  18. Magnetic Grip for Top Cover

    Hi Nibi , Get customer services, they will help you .

    Hola ? Qumu Estas By the way can you print screen what kind error you get ? Update : Talked with HQ team , the system will going up as fast as possible . Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  20. Gurgling noise

    Replied you via pm , customer services will tell you for the next step .. please patient
  21. Hi Stan08 Welcome to CM forum . Can you share some picture regarding what kind error you get ? Forwarded this issue to HQ team So just stay tuned
  22. Normal Temps for i7-6700k and some other misc possible issues.

    29c idle is great + if still under 70c what i can say is save and normal .
  23. Liquid Nepon

    can you share the picture about the error report ?
  24. Gurgling noise

    Normally 72H , so just stay tune
  25. I can't fit the Hyper T4 on my AM4 Gigabyte motherboard.

    Nah where you from man ? You can track them as in my signature below or via live chat ( they on now )