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  1. Awesome! I saw this on OCN. It un-officially fits, however due to the variance in the EATX standard and stand-off locations of each EATX motherboard your mileage will vary. So we can not guarantee fitment. But if it works then awesome!
  2. Make of it what you will, Make it Yours... Show us all the awesome builds and projects that you can design with your MasterCase.
  3. Cooler Master MasterCase 5 Web Reviews Legit Reviews : Cooler MasterCase5 Mid-Tower ATX Case : 09/21/15 : Link Guru 3D : Cooler Master MasterCase Review : 08/18/15 : Link Hexus : Cooler MasterCase5 : 08/18/15 : Link Bit-Tech : Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5 Review : 08/18/15 : Link TweakTown : Cooler Master MasterCase 5 Modular FreeForm Mid-Tower Chassis Review : 08/18/15 : Link Overclock3D : Cooler MasterCase 5 and Pro 5 Review : 08/18/15 : Link eTeknix : Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5 Chassis Review : 08/18/15 : Link AnandTech : The Cooler Master MasterCase 5 Review : 08/18/15 : Link Tech Power Up : Cooler Master MasterCase 5 : 08/19/15 : Link Cooler Master MasterCase 5 Video Reviews JayzTwoCents Paul's Hardware Hardware Canucks Linus TechTips
  4. THE MASTERCASE 5 SERIES OWNERS CLUB At heart, the MasterCase 5 advocates a new relationship that binds component makers and users closer together. Its elegantly smooth, flexible FreeForm Modular System supports multiple outlooks, allowing you to upgrade rather than entirely replace your case as your needs change over time. Go with either basic dual top handles and standard door of the MasterCase 5 or an elevated mesh top cover of the MasterCase Pro 5. Specifications Gallery Accessories
  5. Whoa! What's going on here? Show me more!
  6. Awesome build Janac! From OCN and the USA! +1
  7. Good Morning Eduardo, I would appreciate it if you can continue your concerns through our Support Ticket System as we have already forwarded your concern to our Main HQ for evaluation as our CM Fanzone has been evaluated to ensure it will work for all those supported as every region has certain restrictions based on your location. Understandably it is rare that we have issues with CM Fanzone in North America as we also support neighboring countries in South America, system bugs happen however we strive to provocatively remedy the situation for you. Our Support Tickets automatically close by the system if we do not get a response in a reasonable amount of time. Please look forward to a response shortly through your Support Ticket: 00050791. Regards, Felinni M. CMUSA Support
  8. You mean like this one, complete with LED? Joking aside I suggest a positive air flow with your case with Front and Side Fans as an intake and Top and Rear as an exhaust.
  9. Now depending on your Location | Region you may not be able to access the full CM Fanzone capabilities as I have linked you to our Cooler Master Knowledge base to assist you in registering and applying for an RMA request below: RMA Request Guide: Link
  10. Here's an unsupported work around for Devastator LED functionality for MAC OSX that we suggest to our North American Customers:
  11. It sounds as if you're having a short circuit with either your stand-offs, power supply, or your I/O panel. Did you install or remove anything recently? If you can hear the fan on the power supply you can narrow it down to your I/O panel and your stand-offs from your motherboard to your case as it can possibly short out your motherboard while still retaining power. Power Supply Trouble Shoot: Is the rocker switched to on? Do you have a switch that states 115/215 (Make sure it is set to 115)? I can assist you in testing the power supply to narrow down the issue. You will need to disconnect the power supply from your computer including all accessories and make sure to have the power supply plugged into the power outlet. You will also need a standard paper clip and access to the 24 pin ATX motherboard cable from your power supply. Take the paper clip and insert it into Pins 4 (Green wire) and Pin 5 (Black) from the top clip as shown in the attached diagram in a red box. If the power supply fan turns on then you may have another issue with your system. If your power supply fan does not spin then we can proceed to an RMA Request at the following link along with you invoice and serial number. Stand-off Troubleshoot: I suggest removing your system and running it outside of your case with the bare minimum CPU, RAM, HDD, GPU and I/O wiring connected. If it powers up then it's the stand-offs. Sometimes over torquing the stand-offs into the motherboard can cause a short, the reason I asked you if you removed anything recently. I/O Panel Troubleshoot: Test each I/O connector separately with the others not connected to the Power and vice versa. Connect the reset switch to the power and see if it turns on. Try this with the Power switch as well. Check your GPU: Make sure the power connectors are firmly in place as well as the PCIe is seated correctly in the motherboard. Conclusion: Your goal is to narrow down the problem to either your Power Supply, I/O Panel, Stand-offs, Motherboard
  12. The challenge with this is regardless if you solder the point as the firmware for the keyboard is designed to use the Scroll Lock key to enable the LED. In an OSX Environment it will be a no go.
  13. I apologize the inconvenience you're having with your Devastator keyboard on Mac OSX. It looks as if we do not have a solution for using a Scroll Lock in OSX at this time due to the exclusive functionality of this key in a Microsoft Windows environment. However there is an un-official solution available online at the following link: LINK: Please let me know for further questions.