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  1. a CM Storm Havoc user have the same problem with the same mainboard: I hope Cooler Master and MSI could work together to fix the bug.
  2. Hello, i recently bought a MSI Z97 Gaming 5 mainboard. On the first boot, with the factory BIOS (1.50) all was fine. And when i've updated the BIOS with the new 1.60 the boot sequence was stuck on a black screen with the 9c error (USB init) The boot sequence works fine when i unplug my CM Storm Reaper. It works fine too with my logitech G500 and an old HP mini ball mouse. I tried all the USB ports and the problem was still there. For now i've just downgraded the BIOS to 1.50 but it's not the right solution in my opinion. i probably will resell the mainboard if the problem can't be fixed So i'm looking for Reaper users who have a Z97 gaming series mainboard and who don't have any trouble.