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  1. thanks for your help, but that link is for the V8 GTS, not the original V8
  2. Hey, its the original, I only have a single mounting bracket and it has LGA 1366 printed on it. after attaching the mounting bracket to the cooler the mounting screw holws do not line up with those of the motherboard (Asus Z97-K). When comparing the mounting hole placement with the stock 1150 (4790k) cooler it would appear that they are not alighed therefore will not fit to the motherboard. I do not have multiple mounting brackets, should I have had alternative brackets when I purchased the cooler? The motherboard is a Z97
  3. Hi there, I have recently upgraded my cpu from a LGA1366 to a LGA 1150 socketed chip. I purchased the Coolmaster V8 some years ago and had been using it on my LGA 1366.... ...however when I try to place the CoolMaster V8 onto the LGA 1150.. the screw holes do not line with with the motherboard. It is my understanding that the CoolMaster V8 supports the 1150 socket, what do I need to be able to connect my Coolmaster V8 to the Socket 1150 motherboard? Is there some for of additional bracket I need? and if so where can I source this from?