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  1. The firmware update installed fine for me, only required the one attempt. The mouse seems to have remembered its previous settings, so I did not install the settings software. Did one reboot, and the mouse movement tracking was immediately fine. On the previous firmware v1.03, I had to physically move the mouse around, while powering up / booting, to avoid tracking issues, so this issue seems to be fixed. Over on overclock. net, a user has reported an unstable polling rate issue, that was recognized previously, but not fixed in this firmware update. Motion seems smooth to me, so it's off to play some games!

    Also, we can't change LOD-level for fw 1.14... (More about bugs for fw 1.14 on Overclock...)

  2. After a week of using Xornet II I'm sure that the mouse doesn't save LOD setting after restart or power off randomly.

    Replug the mouse fix it sometimes. Also change LOD and return it back...

    CM, please, fix this annoying bag in the future update of firmware!


    Firmware update doesn't work with USB 3.0...

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  3. My favourite mousepad is CM Storm Conrtol-RX. But Xornet II doesn't work on it properly with different settings of LOD.

    There is a failure when the cursor is not very fast motion, especially on the diagonal... It jumps...


    Then, DPI settings of software don't correspond to real DPI of the mouse...

    Using MouseTester 1.3 I got the approximate DPI of my Xornet II.
    I checked each value 10 times.
    250 DPI = ~ 215 DPI;
    500 DPI = ~ 425 DPI;
    750 DPI = ~ 635 DPI;
    1000 DPI = ~ 855 DPI;
    1250 DPI = ~ 1070 DPI...

    But, it's normal if Xornet II uses LENS X0,85. :)


    Further, I think that Xornet II doesn't save the value of LOD after restart or power off randomly...


    Can you fix it with a new firmware and software?

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