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    I knew it! I already saw this project before, which definitely caught my attention. That's why it kind looked familiar. I wish I have some welding skills too! Because that will definitely open up to new ideas for a project! Great work!
  2. I am using the X99 FTW and a MasterCase Pro 5, I dont remember seeing a standoff for the SSI EEB. I'll check and get back to you.
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    Nice! But I am curious, I think I have seen this project already completed before. Or is that a different project?
  4. Intriguing! Keep us posted!
  5. If it's just the cables being short, I would consider buying some cable extensions before buying a new power supply.
  6. Awesome!!! Moar please! Mooooaaar!!!!
  7. I do have my own Pro5, had a similar issue with a few of the thumb screws but by simply using a large enough screw driver, I got them removed no problem. Let us know if you got the screws out with a proper size screw driver. Have fun with the case and if you have any suggestions to improve the case, let us know!
  8. Hi kevin and welcome to the forums! May I ask, how did you able to remove the 2 screws? By finger or did you used a screwdriver? If you feel it's too tight if your removing them by fingers, try using a screw driver and if I remember correctly, rotating it "counter-clockwise" is for loosening and clockwise for tightening. If they still doesn't come off, there might be some thread on the thumb screws that might got damaged, although I doubt that, but its a possibility.
  9. You like teasing, don't you? Pretty awesome job bayot! Show us the final photos already and stop teasing!
  10. thanks for the feedback! Ah yes! The top panel. Looks like once I get my hands on the 5T (as soon as it gets available where I live), I will try to do some modding on the top panel to see if it will affect the structure of it. Haven't seen one up close so I can't provide any "tips or tricks" to get better airflow but will do once I get one. Meanwhile, how's the top handle? Do you feel that it's sturdy enough to hold a fully water cooled system? I am curious to know myself. And do you have any suggestions in mind that can improve the 5T? Of course, beside the first small problem that you mentioned.
  11. Yeah, modding will be more flexible and more and more ideas can become reality. That's why I bought one 2 weeks ago. Need to do a lot of tweaking to make it work though.The work you have done on this one is just amazing! Keep it up! Looking forward for any future projects from yah!
  12. Nicely done man! I envy you! Looks like I need to start tweaking my 3D printer more now! This looks lovely and badass at the same time! Great job!
  13. That will be interesting to see! If you are in doubt, I usually grab a can of PlastiDip, that way, if the color combination didn't worked out well, I could just peel the paint away.
  14. Looking forward for more updates!!
  15. Nice! I got the Logitech K830 for my HTPC, works absolutely fantastic! Although I wish it has illuminated keys too!
  16. Hey! Good stuff there! But I have a question, are you "Modding" an existing case?
  17. Dude! No offense, but you're one lucky bast*rd! Super Nintendo + a wife who likes to play video games = lottery jackpot! Well, my wife does too but she's too busy.....
  18. OMFG dude!!! That's a gold hidden behind the bunny! Ow man! Is it still working?
  19. Nice! Fits nicely! The spiked turtle shell really fits in nicely! Oh wait...... Oh there you are! It actually took me 30 seconds to notice it there! XD Quick question though, is there enough room for fresh air intake?
  20. Thanks man! Not even sure if I can finish this before the deadline. I got tons of stuff going on right now and finding enough time to do some progress on this project is just hard as :). But I will still try to get this up and finished before the deadline. Wish me luck!