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  1. Seidon 240M installation question

    cool beans, cool beans. Thanks that is exactly what I was looking for. And thank you world for pulling the right question out of me.
  2. Seidon 240M installation question

    that is correct. how to I set those fans to exhaust? Or is it just how I attach them to the radiator?
  3. Seidon 240M installation question

    world, I am talking about the fans on the top of the case. They are 2 230mm fans that are set for exhaust. NOw he installed the 240M with the radiator facing up(closest to the case fans) and the 240M fans facing down towards the motherboard/CPU. Do the fans push air into the radiator or pull it thru?
  4. Seidon 240M installation question

    How do I determine which way it should be installed or is there only one way?
  5. Seidon 240M installation question

    world, Nut my question is more the direction of the fans. I don't want the 240M fans going in the opposite direction of the case exhaust fans. Do you know what I mean? Thanks Dave
  6. OK I got roped into "finishing a build" for someones PC. He had already started installing some of the hardware before I got involved. He has a AZZA Hurrican 2000 case with dual top exhaust fans. He already has the 240M mounted to the bottom side of the top of the case(with the fans pointing down). My question is with the fans in this orientation exhaust or intake? The picture in the manual shows the fans pointing down. But an image on the website for this product shows the radiator point down. Which is the proper installation with top exhaust fans? Thanks Dave