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  1. The RGB strips on the GPU do you mind telling us how you did them also. Thanks
  2. Are the GPU and the Monoblock done using vinyl? If so what or how did you print them out? This is one great build. And yes I voted for it!
  3. I want to know if the V8 GTS CPU cooler is it compatible with the new LGA2011-v3 processor for the new X99 Motherboards I know I need low profile ram which I have Corsair vengeance which is only 40 mm tall. I'm under the assumption that the Lga2011 old style and the LGA 2011-v3 are the same physical size but I'm not 100% sure just need someone that knows if it's compatible or I'm going to have to send it back. I hope I can use it because it is the coolest looking Air cooler I have ever seen. Thanks any help would be appreciated Steve