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  1. Preparation cuts for aeration of the radiator
  2. Opening the window for viewing the bottom tank and pump Black Dream by C.333-118.jpg[/img
  3. Opening window top for viewing HD baskets
  4. Positioning stainless steel circles, right side of the case
  5. Placement of the tank and the pump Sanso PDH 054
  6. here is the SLI MSI 770 I'm going to fit in the mod
  7. Today I exaggerate ......... film that will coat the whole, this is a film that reflects black brushed aluminum on the basis of 'angle of view and is perfect for this mod, of course, all the reflections of the shade blacks / grays
  8. Ah! I forgot the mod called The Black Dream ...... and therefore all black
  9. Preparation of the motherboard into the case to check the dimensions
  10. The work continues, and today I made a window to see the Raid 0 of ssd Kingston Hyperix 3K
  11. And here comes the fun part ....... stainless steel pipes from 12mm
  12. We continue with the processing of the front of the case
  13. Moving on to the actual machining with aluminum panels All the folds I made ​​by hand with the help of a little 'ingenuity eheheheheheh
  14. Here I am, now place a bit 'of photos of the work done over the weekend The first pictures relate to the positioning of the panels, for convenience I used cardboard to make the shapes.
  15. And finally assembled with the water cooling ................. long life Sanso
  16. A small test of how it will be placed
  17. I also have to make a bracket to put in the front to support the rods M4
  18. I'll do a water cooling adapted to Sanso
  19. For this mod and for this radiator serves great pomp, Ybris thank you for giving me this wonderful Sanso PDH 054
  20. Here it is 6 x 140mm fans for a great fresh