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  1. supports for the Lamptron made ​​at the time
  2. Today other operation, it starts with the top. For this I will use a sheet of brushed stainless steel with 0.75mm
  3. Start with the sleeving with the material of E22
  4. Overview mounting fittings for rigid pipe
  5. Positioning Raid O ssd Kingston 3k
  6. Finally after two months I can mount the film satin
  7. Today we continue with a little update I prepare the holes of the 3 thermometers
  8. view of the motherboard with SLI of 770
  9. silking of plaxy where you do not need to see the back, after the crystal will be sandblasted
  10. Here, however, I made the panel plaxy who later became crystal
  11. To give an 'idea of how it will be with the front mounted
  12. But here is the working part of the Motherboard views
  13. As promised here are the pictures of the extraction grid of the air from the radiator.
  14. Here's a preview processing for the aeration of the radiator ......
  15. Overview mounting on the motherboard
  16. And backplate assembly is completed
  17. We start to see the WB for vga ..... in my opinion wonderful
  18. A special thanks to EK for the wonderful support they gave me
  19. aeration ready to host ...... I'll show you later