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  1. Hi Andrey, It's indeed not in the official press release, we will update it a.s.a.p. The Hyper 212 PLUS is compatible with socket AM4 You can pre-order the AM4 upgrade kit on our CM store: EU: US: It is available free of charge, simply pay the shipping fees to receive it Let me know if you have any other question.
  2. Hi Fraz, In the front hot swappable drive bays, you can install 2,5 SSD's without the extra accessory (SSD bracket). If you want to install 2,5 SSD in the side of the case, in the HDD cage, then you have to use the SSD bracket You can mount the SSD bracket in a 3,5 HDD bracket Let me know when you have any other question.
  3. Hi Kris, Great to hear that the problem is been solved Have a nice day.
  4. Hi Kris, Welcome to the forum Can be that you maybe set the keyboard repeat rate to x8? Press FN+F5 to set it back to x1, hope this fix the problem Let me know when you have any other question.
  5. Hi Cipon, Welcome to the forum (I hope you understand English) The V8 accessory pack is available on our CM store: Let me know if you have any other question
  6. Hi all, Check this link for the FAQ Trigger Windows key setup Let me know if you have any other question
  7. Hi Richard, Should be no problem to use the Real Power M620 with this motherboard
  8. Hi Walter, Which Silencio case do you have? You might be looking for the HDD rails, these are available on our CM store: CM store EU: CM Store US: Let me know when you have any other question
  9. Hi Fraz, Standard you can install two 2,5 SSD's in the front HAF X hotswap bracket (see image below). On our CM store we also have the SSD bracket available what you can use to install SSD's in the case: EU CM store: US CM store: With those SSD brackets you can install 2,5 SSD onto the 3,5 HDD brackets, so you can install the SSD in the HDD cage
  10. Hi all, The Hyper 212 EVO will support socket AM4 There will be an upgrade kit for the Hyper 212 EVO in the near future. We unfortunately do not have an exact date yet when these kits will be available. Info will come a.s.a.p. Let me know when you have any other question.
  11. Hi Michiel,


    I bought my CM Masterkeys Pro S last week, it was nice to use it. However, I had a problem, that the backlight doesn't work at all. I have tried to press the Fn key, but it the light indicator is not working as well. It uset to be light up when I press the Fn key.


    Could you please help me to fix this issue?


    Kind regards,



    1. CM Michiel

      CM Michiel

      Hi Rix,


      Sorry to hear about your problem with the keyboard.

      Normally FN + F1,F2 or F3 will turn on/off and change the LED mode.


      Do you have downloaded the software and updated the FW? 


      Kind regards,



    2. Rix


      Hi Michiel,


      Thank you for your response.

      I followed your instruction, but it still didn't fix the issue, the backlight didn't work at all again.

      I have updated the CM software FW, it didn't help, and I even pressed Fn + other F keys (combinations) but still no change. Is there any way to reset it to the factory settings? 





    3. CM Michiel

      CM Michiel

      Hi Rix,


      Yes you can reset the keyboard. 

      Try one of below options: 


      Option 1:
      - unlug the keyboard
      - press FN+Right Alt
      - replug the keyboard back in (while keeping FN+Right Alt pressed)
       This option should make the keyboard go back to factory settings/demo mode. 
      Option 2: 
      - keep the keyboard plugged in to the PC
      - Press FN+E for about 3 to 5 seconds
       This option will clear the keyboards onboard memory.


      Let me know if this worked out for you. 

  12. Hi Mstrmind5, You can send the PSU to our UK office to save shipping costs. Once your RMA request is been approved, you will receive the address where to send the PSU to. Let me know when you have any other question.
  13. Hi Fraz, This will help you
  14. Hi Mstrmind5, Sorry to hear this problem. It's most likely that your PSU has become faulty because the problem doesn't occur with another PSU. You can RMA the PSU to get it replaced under warranty. Check this FAQ for an explanation how to RMA the PSU: Let me know when you have any other question.
  15. Hi Mike, No problem You're welcome. Let me know when you have any other question.