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  1. Hi Stan, sorry i can't check when North America will have this kit available. I would suggest to contact the US Store:
  2. Hi all, We had AM4 upgrade kits available for the Hyper 212 EVO but unfortunately are these sold out and will not become available again. Current new versions Hyper 212 EVO have the AM4 brackets already included in the accessory pack. These new Hyper 212 EVO accessory packs are available on our CM store. With this new accessory pack you can install the Hyper 212 EVO on socket AM4:
  3. Hi Mreeves1887, When a liquid cooler has a leak and damage other hardware, then we will start an investigation about the cause of the leaking. If the leaking is caused by a manufacturing failure, then we will cover the damaged hardware.Check also our warranty policy to see what is covered and what is not covered
  4. Hi John1000, Sorry to hear about this bad experience. Did you submitted a support ticket on the CM Fanzone website? Can you dm me the ticket number from the support ticket you submitted?
  5. Hi Kiki884, Contact our support team, they can send you a replacement I/O panel covered by warranty You can submit a support ticket on the CM Fanzone website:
  6. Hi All, The Max RAM height when using the Hyper 212 RGB Black edition is 37mm
  7. Hi Aaron, Yes the cooler will work fine when you don't connect the RGB connectors from the fans/pump, these are only for the LED
  8. Hi Zhen Kei, That depends on where you are located In North America: If your product needs repair or defects within the first 30 days after purchase, please return it to the merchant from whom you purchased the product with and enclose a description of the problem and a copy of your proof of purchase with the defective product. All replacement products have an extended 30 days of warranty after the item has been received by the customer. For any extended warranty services covered under the Program, please log onto our website to complete the RMA request form online. Outside North America and Europe: If your product needs to be returned within the warranty period, please do so through the retailer or distributor from whom you purchased the product. In Europe: Within the first 2 years after purchase, please return your product (or for power supplies installed within our enclosures, just the failed power supply) to your dealer or reseller for a replacement. If the product is still within warranty and you can no longer return it to your dealer, please contact Cooler Master Customer Support for assistance and instructions. Cooler Master will not accept returns without prior approval and an RMA number.
  9. Hi Matthew, If the fans you have are ARGB (addressable RGB), then you can use these with the ML240R ARGB LED controller. Let me know when you have any other question.
  10. Hi Matthew, The only difference between those liquid coolers is that the ML240RS has also ARGB on the radiator and the pump cover is made of aluminium And yes it can do those multiple colors at once ''Rainbow effect''
  11. Hi Graham, It's available on our CM Store EU Hereby the link:
  12. Hi RaQ3, No that's not possible with the MasterMouse Lite S since it's a plug & play mouse and doesn't come with software. The MasterMouse Lite S Lift Off distance is:
  13. Hi Rodrger095257, Do you have connect the RGB fans with the RGB Splitter cable to the RGB header on your motherboard?
  14. Hi Shayyan52470, Contact our support team, they can help with sending replacements fans You can submit a support ticket on our CM Fanzone:
  15. Hi Raw_Instinct, Which RGB LED controller are you using?