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  1. Thank you Pim for the great support! I've flashed the firmware, replugged my keyboard and rebooted my PC around 20 times to force the issue, but I was unable to do so. So, it looks like this firmware update really fixed the issue! Big thanks to you and the developers! Still, please give me 1 - 2 weeks to finally evaluate this firmware update. I have 2 more systems to test this on. After that, I will give my final statement and edit my review. Again, big thanks Pim for internally reporting this issue several times and taking care of us! Cheers, Tolga
  2. Hi CM Pim, Test platform: Windows 8.1 (latest updates installed as of 6th Nov. 2014) - ASUS P8C WS (Intel C216 Chipset - LGA1155) + Intel Xeon E3-1245v2 - BIOS Settings: Optimized defaults with changes to RAM XMP profile settings and disabling Network boot. Confirmed: USB Legacy support and USB 3.0 Legacy support are both enabled. Tried connecting the Rapid-I on both, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. No differencies. I've not installed any USB related driver, therefore couldn't find a USB / USB 3.0 related driver in Windows' built-in software manager. So I think you're referring to "Intel® USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller" in Device Manager. I've uninstalled it, rebooted several times. After the 6th reboot, the keyboard was again in a non-functional state. So, if it really was the entry in Windows' device manager, it doesn't solve it for me. Cheers, Tolga PS.: can you offer me an alternative product as a replacement? I'm perfectly fine with the less-costing, non-backlit, good old Quickfire Rapid. I don't care whether US, UK or German Layout. I just want to end this nightmare with the Rapid-I. I'm living in Germany. If you're unable to start this process, please tell me, who I can contact for such a replacement (or refund).
  3. Hi RealNC, keycaps are indeed a "niche" product. However, there are forums and shops, which specialize on these niche products. There are group buys organized by geekhack members, which you can find here: You can find keycap sets here: If you want to get creative, you can create your own keycaps here: Most of these companies / group buys are located in the US, but international shipment is available. The stock keycaps are good imho, but if they wear out this fast, you should definitely RMA or get some replacement. The most durable (and most expensive) keycaps are double-shot PBT. It will take decades to wear them off, but they will set you back by a good bit. Good luck !