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  1. When will these side panels be available for purchase? ... 6811119155 Transparent side panels for the 690, HAF, Stacker, Cosmos, Cosmos S, Wave Master, Mystique are all available for purchase seperately. How about the Stacker 830/832?
  2. I agree. And if you look behind the mesh on the side panel there is mounting nuts pre installed for the side window. I've emailed Cooler Master numerous times about the clear side window. They have'nt replied back. I dont know why they cant sell them...all the CSX series have them. So Im pretty sure they have inventory of these windows. Please be nice Cooler Master and sell these windows for us 83x owners .
  3. Does anyone know where they're available in the U.S.? Who can I order them from? Also I noticed all the CSX cases have them. Where do they get them from?
  4. Oops, I see that they are available in Europe: ... cts_id=228. How can I order for U.S.?