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  1. I'll definitely do that. Thank you for your help again.
  2. Yeah, is it just my unit or is the right click different from the left click? Has a different sound and a different feel when it clicks back from the button press.
  3. Oh well, if i'll use this mouse some more i'll probably stop noticing it so much. Thank you for your response.
  4. Hello, I've purchased an Alcor three days ago and I've been satisfied with it except for one thing which is it's main buttons. They kind of just wobble to the sides a bit which didn't happen with my old Gigabyte MX8000. It just feels like something wasn't screwed in properly or some part isn't in place it should be in. I've been wondering if it's a legit reason to go to the store i bought my unit in and request a replacement, or maybe it's how it was supposed to be? I'd appreciate a quick response. Thank you. Edit: This wobble isn't a standard wobble. It's very noticeable and it has a very annoying "click" when you move it to the sides. It shows more in the right click than it does in the left.