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  1. Hello John, check out this i would be help you on your built. cheers Lars
  2. Ya sounds really good, thanks alot Atachon..
  3. Hi, ah ya i never see this Sidepanel Version. Hm..I think you have to ask CM Support this guys to best ever, and mostlly they can offer the item.. Maybe you can mod it?
  4. Hello Shiv, check out this : sounds like you mean this? cheers
  5. Hello Atachon, sounds like your wish/mod is very special. Have you checked the CM Shop EU? II remember the SE version there is no mesh sidepanel available from Cooler Master self. Must find a modder maybe..
  6. Hello Marco, ya we could finish a Sidepanel for you. Look signatur and send me an email. We also located in germany. @ Pim your version of sidepanel is also depended on your own imagination, i also like it and i actually must mod this one also..^^ the 1st look makes hungry to see the rest of oyur nice hardware .. behind the Window.. cheers Lars
  7. Hello Pim, yaaa this looks decent really Nice .. Persolized also.. Did you Mod it by youreself?? Is the Logo engraved or a Sticker?? This case have alot of release of CM ever..CPX come sounds good they show new cases..all companies..i think..
  8. Ya thats right, they refreshed it.. The specs maybe copied only?? we have to ask CM Dealer..i think..The two 4 pins are for the Fans, and the one comes from the Pump connect to M-Board(CPU_Fan choosen), the Radi Fans on Cha:_Fan1.. The pump is controled by the CPU Fan option, like Airccoling Fan also.. not different..only more slient..^^
  9. Hello, CM will never release a Window Side Panel! The Cosmos Ii is EOL now! EOL Products never get e refresh at all! I also use the Cosmos II i love the Case really.. We created and modded our own Acrylic Sidepanel also in Black acryl for backside. Check out here: Its different between the MNPCTech Version. We addapted the Lines from the Cosmos II Fanholder Door into the Acrylic version, looks pretty nice, and if you use Fan with LED the the light is refracted in the edge. Also Logo provided in the Middle of the Door.. choosen by the owner .. Maybe you like it.. @ Pim sown very rar Modder´s around ..but this would be fine..
  10. Hello Michael, welcome! the new Verions of the 240 Nepton´s have added the Silencio Fan´s. CM upgraded it! For youre case i can definitly prefeer the " PWM Version " depended also of a 4 Pin can connected to the Gelid Splitter as 4 Pin or only 3 Pin! And dont connect the the Pump under the NT, cause they need to connect to the CPU Fan on your Motherboard. Let the Hardware decide to control the Pump ^^ BTW the Pump has 4 -PIn connector cheers
  11. Hello Guys, about the FP 120 mounted on the AIO CM Watercooling Systems, or single using i can tell they are produce now Noise. A friend of mine installed for a gaming Comp. Exellent Performance, Customers used it for a Silent System also. I get best notes!! I installed 2 FP 120 PWM(Jetflows before) on my 240 Radi(Aquagate Max Radi) for the GPU CFX, also better Performance..Really nice to know now CM can offer now silent Fan´s Exelllent Job !!