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  1. @All: I googled and found out how to make backlight work with scroll lock key. I thought to share it with all of you. Here's a step-by-step instructions on how to make backlight work on CM Storm Devastator keyboard and how to bind it to Scroll Lock key so as to make it work just like you would do on windows. Please note that I always login to my GNOME Desktop as a root and that's how the following procedure was written. And I use CentOS and RHEL. 1. Install "xbindkeys" if not already installed on your system. You can download it from here. Create a default configuration for xbindkeys by executing following command 2. Next, copy-paste the following code in a blank file and save it by any name you want. I saved it as "" in root's home dirctory. Make the file executable by issuing following command. 3. Modify ~/xbindkeysrc and add following code at the end of the file 4. Now the last step, this would make everything automated so that you don't have to execute any commands everytime you login to your system. All you have to do is modify /etc/profile and add the location of binary file "xbindkeys". If you don't know the locations of "xbindkeys" then execute following command to get it. On my system, I got "/usr/local/bin/xbindkeys" Next, modify /etc/profile and add "/usr/local/bin/xbindkeys" at the end of the file. Now just logout and then login back to your system. LED should work with Scroll lock key now. Those who don't wish to logout, simply execute "xbindkeys" in terminal window. All the information posted here is with reference to following two links. I would like to thank to CoolerMaster, CM Robert, FedoraForum and ArchLinux forum. I'm very happy to see my keyboard backlight working. Thank you for reading. Hope it helps! Be happy! Bye.
  2. Hurrey! I just got my new CM Storm Devastator Keyboard-Mouse Combo. Thank you very much CM Robert. The link you provided did the trick. The backlight works perfectly fine by executing the command mentioned on Fedora forum. I'm very happy. Thanks a million.
  3. Thank you very much for the reply. I'm going to place the order today.
  4. Hello, I'm planning to buy "CM Storm Devastator - LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse". I have CentOS 6.5 installed on my Laptop. Before purchasing it, I wanted to make sure whether LED backlighting works on Linux OS.