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  1. Thanks,well please follow the work log
  2. Thank you my friend,well yes started a little bit difficult,but finally it is solved,I am happy too
  3. One of the main component-the awesome support from AVEXIR,the CORE SERIES DDR4 ram modules! AVD4U26661504G-4CIR 16GB (4096MB 512M x 64-Bit x 4 pcs.) DDR4-2666MHz CL15 288-Pin DIMM Kit Thank you AVEXIR for support and trust in my project. Now let see this extreme designed ram modules Cant wait to try
  4. Hi everyone. Time for another project. I named this project "X-Socket". Inspired by the Intel 2011 LGA. The materials that I will be use are: - aluminium -plexi glass -sheet metal tickness 1.5mm -glass Dimensions of case are 520mm x 520mm This build is possible with the support of Cooler Master,AVEXIR and Gigabyte. The main components will be coming soon,the X-Socket will be air cooled. So lets start with some of pictures of model,what I maded in Autodesk Inventor,also some pictures with work progress,starting from today.
  5. Finally the VGA is fixed on place.
  6. Moving forward,making the VGA conection and holder
  7. Here are the removable motherboard and radiator holders See ya soon !
  8. Yesterday was a special for me and for project,the ram modules arrived from Taiwan! AVEXIR Taiwan also join my project,by sending me 4x4Gb@1600Mhz ram modules,from their Blitz 1.1 series. Thank you AVEXIR for awesome support and trust in my project. Some photos of this perfect designed ram modules:
  9. Sponsored by: Custom mobo,psu and rad holder( not finished yet ) Merry Christmas friends !
  10. Thank you,glad you like it,I also like clean look case mods
  11. Local PC shop and ASUS GOLD Partner Monitor Sistem Beograd,also joined to my project,they decided to support me with ASUS ROG Front Base Thanks to them for support and trust in my project! Some photos of this nice thing,cant wait to mount
  12. Thank you,well yes something like that
  13. Sponsored by: Glued the case with liquid metal: For the front I was use epoxy: Than completed,now is smaller 85mm
  14. Sponsored by: Moving forward with measuring and cutting.
  15. Sponsored by: Starting with disassembling the case:
  16. And finally motherboard and the GPU:
  17. Hello members and friends of our great modding community. After the finish of scratch build “ ROG Reactor “,it is time to start another project. This time I going to mod the Cooler Master Storm Trooper case,to ASUS Republic of Gamers Edition. As you know the scratch builds are my favorite,so prepare for lot of cut. Before we start,big thanks goes to Cooler Master and ASUS Republic of Gamers,to they awesome support,because after a short conversation about the plans for the build they decided to sponsor the project.Thank you Cooler Master and ASUS for the support and trust in my project. From Cooler Master: -Storm Trooper case -V 1000 power supply - 10 pieces of JetFlo 120mm fans From ASUS Republic of Gamers: -Maximus VII Formula motherboard -ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX770 So lets start with the case:
  18. I agree with,already looking awesome,give us more please!
  19. Nice idea,also awesome work,looking forward
  20. Awesome work Peter,I watched from the begining,and I have to say this project was your best, for me,also I really like the little bench table,well done