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  1. Making the back of the case
  2. I would say " Its a piece of Art " - if you agree with me guys @ garu5japan amazing work man,also the design and those details,I am without words...
  3. I think that is enough with holes
  4. As I told before,must work faster
  5. Need to work little bit faster,because the time is ticking really fast,and the deadline is April 30th
  6. Moving forward with the little bit hardcore work...
  7. Started to work with sleeve,there is so much work,well it is my first time with sleeve so please understand,but here are some photos:
  8. Well guys this is my first time using CNC,some photos of training
  9. Planning the water loop,the weather was so good,that I decided to go out…
  10. To day is also special for me,because after a short conversation ICEMODZ also decided to sponsor my project,a huge thanks to Mundi Valur he is a really nice guy Lets see what is in package: Special thanks for t-shirt
  11. The front holder for 120mm fans,also support for 360mm radiator,material sheet metal thickness 1.5mm:
  12. Thanks my friend,I really remunerate your opinion
  13. Slowly getting the system ready
  14. The PSU slowly getting into place:
  15. The engine for the project is:
  16. Moving forward,making the PSU holder,material Al, tickness 4mm:
  17. The other side of case with “doorâ€: Moving forward slowly,cutting the holes for cables:
  18. Very nice package from Cooler Master,huge thanks for support and trust in my project Let see what is in box The V1000 PSU: And the V8 GTS air cooler:
  19. Some " freestyle pictures "
  20. Yeah,thats what I am talking about....one of my favorite case mod
  21. Huge thanks to Gigabyte Technology for this awesome support,and also for trust in my project. Couple photos of this beautiful mother board.
  22. Moving forward,started to make some holders