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  1. Thanks a lot mate,glad you like it,soon I will post the screen shots of some benchmarks!
  2. Thank you my friend ,I am really glad you like it,btw I am impressed with your ROG 10th Anniversary mod,well done!
  3. Thanks man,I am glad you like it!
  4. So here is the end guys,please welcome the finished photos of Project " Independent ". Also BIG THANKS goes to: ASUS Republic of Gamers Cooler Master Aquatuning Europe For awesome support! At last but not least many thanks for my wife and daughter who tolerated me in the process! Thank you all
  5. Almost forget ,the moments of sleeving!
  6. Than the moment when was first time mounted almost all together
  7. Work in progress,everything was hand maded
  8. Hi guys, Its time to share with you my latest project called Independent,project is supported by,ASUS,Aquatunning Europe,Cooler Master and Icemodz,once again many thanks to them for awesome support and trust in my project! For the project I was used sheet metal thickness 1.5mm,and aluminium profiles 20x20mm,to make two panels,later I was connect them to each other,like sandwich effect! Hardware used: Asus Maximus 8 Gene Asus Gtx 970 Strix in SLi Intel i5 6600k 4x4gb Crucial DDR4@2666MHz Samsung Evo 850 SSDs in raid Cooler Master V1200 Platinum Lets start with photos:
  9. I would like to thank to my sponsors: For grateful help and support,also for trust in my project! Also big thanks goes to: Spacemaster Milan Simić Perica Bariii Grega Mlakar Peggy Avexir Mundi Valur Srđan Sudar Istvan Katona So guys here are the final photos: At last but not least many thanks for my wife who tolerated me in the process! And you guys who shared yours thoughts about and comments! Thank you all!
  10. Moving forward,after a little break!
  11. Thank you very much,I am glad you like it .
  12. Moving forward,making some cover:
  13. Now the time has come,let see what was in the box,please welcome the ASUS Zenfone 2 Republic of Gamers Edition,what will be integrated in the Trooper case! Some pictures: