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    Need help !!!

    how about the weight .. Is that going to be a problem on my AI7. By the way my Hyper 6 is on it´s way and will have it in 2 days
  2. Eskimo88

    Need help !!!

    Need some help. Just built my first Computer and whent for the coolermaster Wave.. But now I have some heat problem my 3,2 ghz (P-hot) it runs at 58C idle and would like too get some better temps. Thinking of the Thermalright SP-94 or the Hyper 6. Whant the hyper 6 But need the one that are the best for cooling my cpu.....What do you think or know about it?
  3. Hi I am a proud owner of a new wavemaster chassi. But I have some heat problem. Just built my first computer and this is what i got Pentium 4 3,2 ghz with zalman cpu cooler Abit AI7 motherboard and antec tru 480 power. If the side of the chassi is of i get a temp of 54C on the cpu when the side goes on trhe temp goes up to about 60C. If i open in the front for the 2 80mm fans i get 54C. Looks like the front fans wont get the air that they need to cool the chassi. What can i do need some help?!!( bigger front fans maby) or are these temps ok. Mike.