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  1. This must be a joke... A pretty BAD joke, but still a joke, right ?... If it's the only "solution" you have in store for me, then fine... I'm returnining that bogus keyboard of yours to the retailer today. PS: about your motivation (the LED position on Cherry switches) for printing the numbers the wrong way around, you could have just implanted the related swicthes differently (by turning them by 180°, i.e. "upside-down"): that's just a matter of changing the PCB tracks that feed the LEDs for those 'inverted' switches, and you'd have got a properly laid out keyboard in place of a plain BOGUS one... Of course, it involves employing (slightly) smarter engineers...
  2. I do not care about LEDs: there's no LED on the CM Storm Quick Fire XT !... However, I *do* care about a *proper* layout of the characters on the keys, and the current layout is PLAIN BOGUS ! Please, fix this issue and send me the fixed keycaps. Failure from your part to provide a proper solution will lead me to return the keyboard to the retailer and spread the word about your bogus keyboard layouts. Have a nice day.
  3. Do you mean that AZERTY CM keyboards with LED backlighting got properly laid out keys (i.e. with numbers on top left, in their proper, shifted position) ? If yes, then it sounds like you *do* have alternative keycaps, after all... doesn't it ? In any case, and since you (thankfully) recognize that this layout is plain inconsistent, won't it be a Good Thing to fix CM's AZERTY keyboards once and for all (and then to send me replacement key caps ) ???
  4. Well, perhaps a CM official could deign reply to my question and enlighten us all ?... Or should I just return the keyboard to the retailer ?...
  5. The convention, for all keyboards I ever used in over 3 decades of computing, has always been that the shiftted characters are printed at the top, and non-shifted ones at the bottom... This is also true of all the other keys of the CM keyboard: only the numeric keys have got their shifted/non-shifted labels inverted ! For example, the opening parenthesis is wrongly printed on top (with "5" at the bottom) while the closing parenthesis is (properly) printed at the bottom. The punctuation keys, at the bottom right of the keyboard also got properly printed, with shifted characters on top... Anyway, the question was: could CM send me a replacement set of keycaps (I'll gladly return the badly printed ones) ?...
  6. Greetings, I just received a CM Storm Quick Fire XT (model SGK-4030-GKCL1-FR) that I ordered from an Internet site. It's a great keyboard, but there's one very annoying oddity about it: the AZERTY layout is non-standard/bogus with regards to the number keys on the top left row (i.e. not the numeric keypad, but the main keyboard part numeric keys). Unlike QWERTY keyboards, numeric keys are SHIFTed keys on AZERTY keyboards, and the Quick Fire displays the numbers at the bottom on the keys, instead of on the top. Since pictures are better than a lengthy explanation, I'm attaching two scans: one of a normal/standard AZERTY keyboard, and the other of the Quick Fire. As you can see, the numbers are in the wrong place, interverted with the accented characters and special signs that are non-SHIFTed keys on AZERTY keyboards (and should therefore appear on the bottom left part of the keys). Interestingly enough, the ")°]" and "=+}" keys are properly laid out on the Quick Fire while pertaining to the bogus line of numeric keys. I alas could not spot this issue when placing my order on the Internet website (else, to be quite frank, I won't have bought this keyboard...), because they alas only display pictures of QWERTY keyboards. So, my question is: could you guys please provide me with a set of properly printed keycaps to replace that bogus set I got ?