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  1. So I understand that the sound of the V is not that bad, but stil, what about the V8 GTS? Think it would fit?
  2. So V is silent, m is standard and XL is better? How about the fans in the xl in the link? Are they noisy? And what about the V8 GTS?
  3. Hi, there are a few things I would like to know for cpu cooling. I am looking for a cpu cooler that will be good for overclocking, not TOO noisy, but effective. People have told me to get V8 GTS, and the Seidons (except the 240m). I would like to know which of em' is the best for ASUS P8P67-m pro, which for overclocking, which for normal gaming and if they all fit. My gear is: ASUS P8P67-m pro CM STORM Enforcer MSI GTX 760 OC 4GB (on the top PCI) CM V1000 (a friend bought me) DDR3 Kingston 4GB RAM x2 (2nd and 4th slots from the left of the mobo) I can change the location of the ram and gpu if needed. (ofc only if it will work the same or better)
  4. Hi, I wanted to know something about the Seidon 120xl, I don't really know much about how it works, but if I change the fans in the Seidon 120xl from the normal (44-54cfm) to SickleFlow (69.69cfm) will it make it better? Will it make the radiator colder, and do so also to the CPU?
  5. Hi, I have bought the cm storm enforcer lately and I wanna put the v1000 inside. The question is simple, is it possible and does it fit? If it does, will there be any problem using atx mobo with it?
  6. Rigsern

    Enforcer cooling

    Yes but the Seidon 120xl comes with pretty simple fans, the change of the CFM for the highest or lowest won't make it work worse?
  7. Rigsern

    Enforcer cooling

    So according to what you say I can switch the fans on the Seidon 120xl to whichever I like? Or only to the SickeFlow?
  8. Hello, lately I received (finally) my enforcer case (without the side fan). I've noticed that it comes with the Megaflow front fan and another pretty simple rear fan. I wanna know if having 1 Megaflow front fan and 1 Megaflow top and 1 Jetflo rear fan is enough for overclocking or should I maybe use x2 Jetflo in front, x2 Jetflo in top and x1 Jetflo in rear? Also, I wanna get the Seidon 120XL and I would like to know if I can fit Seidon 240M in my case on top or not? And if I will get 120XL, can I change the fans to whatever fan I would like to put there in the size of 120mm (something like SickleFlow)? Thank you!