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  1. Whats the leadtime in th UK for these PSUs. And will they be able to power a SLI rig or one of the new ASUS dual chip cards.
  2. Martok

    Stacker Window

    Thanks alot m8 just orderd 2.
  3. Martok

    Stacker Window

    Does anybody know when the UKS will start selling the window on my own as i desperatly want one. Its a shame coolermaster dont have there own shop.
  4. I have an FX53 with a hyper 6 excellent cooler at a range of about 34 - 38 c. However it was a pain to fix so allow some time.
  5. Ive entered as well. Hope i get them right.
  6. Depends on price. The koolance CPU blocks you have to pay for an extension clip for the 939,940,754 sockets which i think is ridiculous. Everything should be inclded as one.
  7. Do you know when the UK will get these.
  8. Martok


    Does anybody know how well this performs to a stock 6800U cooler. Any temps ias i cant find any reviews or tem comparisons anywhere.