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  1. well i have the Gigabyte ga-z97x-sli and thats the way it works properly. it is the way it is meant to work...
  2. The pump goes to CPU OPT header, while the fans go to CPU Fan header. it is as easy as that
  3. One thought for the Cooler Master Nepton 140XL : i have it coupled with intel core i7 4790, gigabyte ga-z97x-sli mobo, and a gtx 970, and when checking the temps in the gigabyte center, on idle, keeps my processor at 16-17 degrees celsius. i must say, i am very pleased with it. no whine from the pump, it is deadly silent
  4. do you have another 4pin header on your motherboard? if you do, try connecting it there.
  5. have you tried connecting the fans to a pwm header (that is the one with 4 pins, not 3) ? hook them on the pwm header and you should be fine
  6. yes, you can fit it, although it will go on the bottom since it has this kind of fan support: 3 x 180mm intake fan 700/1200rpm, 18/34dBA. i use the nepton 140xl and i am very satisfied.
  7. please refer to this support page, you will get a better info there: scroll down, you will see a compatibility list for compatible cases.
  8. no, the cpu fan header in your case controls the pump. and yes, you should switch from smart mode to pwm to enjoy the full glory of the cooler
  9. the pump should be connected on the cpu fan header. the fans go on the 4pin header (pwm) in order to controll the fan speed.
  10. yeah, my advice still stands: get the nepton 140xl for the cpu, the one listed in that link is just miserable. . . you will experience throttling because of the temps with the listed cpu cooler . . .
  11. suggestion: go with liquid cooler for the cpu, not the airflow...there are pretty descent aio cpu water cooled units around the same price as this.i have this one: and i am so happy with it. if you can get it, get it, its worth the extra $20
  12. what about the quality, that is my BIGGEST concern since some a***les said it is junk...that made me think twice when buying this psu...
  13. i would go with that, but since i will be using the system mainly for running multiple virtual machines, the b600 will be enough and reliable?
  14. the wattage is not that important now, i can get any of the three psu's, pretty much the same price. but the thing is some people said that the two (the gx lite and the both @ 600W are low quality and junk, and thats why i decided to come here and discuss that. so, the gx lite or the b @600W ? and those are good psu's , wont let me down?
  15. well adding a psu of 1000W will serve you very well anyways, but you will see the difference in the monthly electric bill you will be fine with 800W at most.
  16. its not available in my country and there is the vs series but i dont have that kind of money... . so , go with the g550m?
  17. well, according to this: you should be fine installing the seidon 240m
  18. hi guys, quick question: i have the nepton 140XL, and i was wandering how is the orientation of the jetflo fans in order to be the push - pull configuration? both fans have a cooler master logo and on the other side there is the technical sticker. so how should the sticker / logo on both fans on either side of the radiator should be to get a push - pull configuration?
  19. as you can see here: YES, it CAN FIT and probably will not block the pci-e since it is in the compatibility list.
  20. if the case supports the 2 x 12cm fan holes, then you should be fine. my best advice is to (if possible) take the radiator and ask the employees at the store if you can check / put the radiator only to test if it can fit. next thing is to read reviews around for the case and see if anyone had ever fit a similar 240mm radiator inside the case. As far as i can see here: (i think its the case you are talking about), then the seidon 240m is not on the compatibility list. you can always mod the case to fit the 240m but i wouldnt recommend. i would rather go with this tower: , just because of the extra space. hope this helps.
  21. depends on the graphic card. since you have gtx 770, for a single gpu you will be fine. but in SLI mode, recommended is at least 700W of power, but just to be sure, i would recommend at least 750W or 800W.
  22. Hi guys, i have a really straightforward question, since my research ended up getting me much more confused then when i started it; first, here is my machine (the psu is missing now, thats why i need this help): intel core i7 3770 cooler master nepton 140xl kingston 2x8GB @ 2400MHz oz agility 3 120GB ssd hitachi 2TB hdd @ 7200rpm asus dvd rw sapphire gtx 760 since i need a good psu for this (gonna do some vm's and moderate gaming sometimes), i have a choice between these psu's that are available in my country (sadly its a small country): Cooler master GX lite 600W Cooler master B 600w Cooler master G550M which one of these three psu's gonna be the best for my machine considering what i plan on doing on my machine? i ask this only because i got a "feedback" from some people that say some of those are junk psu's and you should buy bla bla bla... So, straightforward question -> which one of the three psu's listed? Thank you and sorry for my lengthy post