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  1. Anyone know how to remove the HDD cage from the N400? I would like to remove it to improve airflow. The cage itself is attached with these rivet type things and I can't figure out how to remove them. I installed a 2080TI and that card runs really, really hot and needs serious cooling. I need to clear the front of the case as much as possible and getting rid of this cage would help.
  2. COOLERMASTER N600 MID TOWER front usb cable will only go in half way onto motherboard. Is this normal? I'm leaving it unplugged as I can't get it to seat all the way. I've looked closely to the cable and mobo and don't see any damaged pins or anything.
  3. Hey maybe you can help me, is there some Post limit on forum? 

  4. I only have 3 sys fan headers, and the CPU_OPT my JetFlo is connected to is for the water pump radiator. The odd thing is, sometimes resuming from sleep works fine and the fan starts. The last time it doesn't, I reset BIOS to defaults and it then works again...
  5. I've four of these JetFlo 120m PWM fans. When resuming from sleep, the three case fans come on no problem. The one connected to CPU_OPT doesn't spin up. Is this a problem where the system isn't supplying enough voltage or something to spin it up from a stopped state? The CPU_FAN header has a 3-pin water pump plugged in that only runs full speed. A problem mixing 3-pin and 4-pin on linked fan headers (I think CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT are linked somehow)? Anyone have any clues/ideas?
  6. So I posted a thread about this, and nobody has responded. Anyway, I think some fans running "upside down" will make more noise than usual. I have a top mounted JetFlo and it's noisy as :), and annoying as :). It's kind of a "wobbly" noise or a "humming" noise. I'm probably going to set all case fans to silent mode and CPU fans to normal mode and see if it fixes it. Again though, I think most fans are made expecting to be run in a certain orientation. But i'm surprised so many people here seem to miss the point as to why a fan might make noise. Some noise people are describing are not normal operating fan noise, rather noise from a fan that is out of balance. amirite?
  7. So I went to Fry's and bought 4 of the JetFlo 120's. They are really nice! Ice White LEDs look awesome in the case, and they are extremely quiet. Except... again the horizontally (upside down?) mounted one in the top of the case I'm using as an exhaust fan. It's very noisy. I know it's just not meant to be mounted this way. Does anyone have a suggestion to a fan that would work mounted this way and not make noise? I can't be the only one experiencing this problem.
  8. I have a case fan currently mounted on the top of the case as an exhaust fan. It's making some annoying a** noises now and driving me crazy. If I reverse it, it is completely silent, except it now makes it an intake fan, which I don't want on the top. I'm thinking of replacing it. Anyone have recommendations of fans that do not make terrible noises when mounted horizontally? Thanks