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    Hello all. I am in the market for a new AIO liquid cooling unit after my old H60 broke. Will the Nepton 280L fit top mounted in the original Cooler Master HAF 932? The radiator screw holes do not appear to be aligned to holes in top of HAF 932. Another question, this time about the Nepton 280L backplate and backplate cutout on HAF 932. The backplate cutout area on side of HAF 932 is cut to an odd shape & location and does not provide full access to backplate area on mainboard, as such, I am concerned that the Nepton 280L backplate will contact case. Is this correct, or will the backplate fit this case without contact? Would a Cooler Master employee or user who has successfully installed this unit in same case please reply with confirmation? Thanks in advance, - Prospective Buyer.