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  1. Money not really the issue we want this case here so we do have the option per say, I use gpu's for linux cracking through dictionary's and what not so more gpu is needed when I do get to the time and I have decided to go with the next model up SOC motherboard
  2. Hello First Post, I have got a build that we want to build and everything links will be included below but I do have a few concerns on if everything in this build will work fully or not. K so far we have about 6+ fans to be installed 2 of them come with the cpu cooler on it, can the motherboard support this or how exactly are the fans controlled via motherboard or just hook it into power supply. Secondly will it work with everything that I have listed, again thank you so much or all your guy's help! Also another thing is the 4th dim spot on ram, will we be able to install ram in that slot with the cpu cooler we have The Build (Microcenter Only Guys not in my choice) Motherboard CPU Case Ram BlueRay Combo Drive 2 Additional Fans 200m Cooler Master V8 Gts CPU Cooler Power Supply GPU