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  1. well as you saw on page one I had to replace my broken pump 240L the new one is now having the exact same pump issue. support is trying to offer me a 240M instead claiming you don't have any of the 240L, however I need the expandability of the 240L and the website still shows it as available. I bought the 240L for the sole reason of expandability, and honestly I don't care if it breaks 10 more times I would expect yall to have enough to cover warranty issues in stock for the remainder of the time from when the last one was sold as new at a major retailer until after the warranty period expires.. the pump its self I love on the 240L, how ever the 3 month life span is becoming a issue as this is the second one i've had go out on me. I tell you your Robert N. guy was fantastic for customer support, so far I am much less impressed with my current guy though I will not name him at this point. even to the point of the system auto closed my case even though I was last person to talk on it, then I was told I didn't respond in a short enough time so it auto closed though I had been the last responder on the case lol. all and all my reasons for rma have been from the pump failing twice in a row for the same pump, I do however expect to get a expandable 240mm system to replace my expandable 240mm system not a system that offers me less than what I paid for.
  2. I recently have had to get a rma for my glacer 240L aswell. the pump became extreamly noisy. How ever I found the customer service to be excellent, they are preshipping me a replacement cooler as we speak, hopefully mine will keep going until it arrives, I have had the pump since july 2013 so about 6 months since I bought it. I know most people don't say anything in posts until something breaks, as well known a brand as cm is I cant believe they all have pump issues.. at least I hope not lol... but I did want to mention the tech was very good, he had me record a short audio of the pump on my phone and upload it to him, told me the pump was bad and did a rma on the spot for it. all and all at least so far I have been very happy with cm customer service, and good cs will keep people coming back to buy from yall more.. I run a 6 core i7 5820k cpu and my cpu even with the pump going wonky is at a nice 32 c... under a load I don't think i've seen it go over 50 c yet. all and all a good product and as long as the new pump has a longer life span then I will be thrilled. but you asked for why we rma the pumps I rma because the pump is going bad. but I did want to let you know how good the cs I received so far with yall has been. and its been very good
  3. I have a n600 case and a glacer 240L liquid cooler. I got the case because it has a 240mm rad slot on the side and one on the top and a 120mm slot on the rear. I figured id never run out of space for rad's lol. the problem is the 240L doesn't fit, I had the odd idea that the cooler master case and cooler master cooler would fit together. so what i've had to do is just put the rad into the side its tall enough it barely fits and has high tension on it so it stays snugly, I was wondering if perhaps i've done something wrong in my install attempt, I was wondering if anyone else has tried to put this 240L into the n600 case. but it barley fits into the case at all on the side, it fits the top but then I cant install my mb the ram would slam into the fans, so side mount is my only option with this mb. out side of that I love the case and the cooler, but I really would like to secure it down with a screw or two