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  1. THANK YOU! you have saved me alot of money my friend! it works and switches on, i didnt fry my mb afterall...... doh! if only i had known it was that simple 5 days ago when i was desperatly switching back and forward...anyway its all experience! thanks again!!
  2. hi there, sorry to bring this up again but i need help!! I put my mb back into the old case and put the coolmaster psu in, no dice red light indicating volt probs, so i put my old psu in and it works, everything switches on , so there must be something wrong with the coolmaster, my old psu is a 350V icute, i just hooked up the main connectors to the mb, no hdd or dvdroms, just to test it switches on. fans start working and stay on. with the coolmaster its just dead, red light. i dunno what my next step should be, do i return it to ebuyer or is it a problem my end? any advise would be apreciated.....
  3. ok good news and bad news, good news is my psu is okay. bad news is its a problem with the motherboard, this morning i took out the igreen and replaced it with the old one that was connected to the mother board. I press the power button and the fans start for a split second then go dead. it must be something with the case and the motherboard, im sure i connected the jumpers up ok i consulted teh manual....maybe i gave some static damage in the switch over... i dunno, looks like ill have to get a new one... thanks for all your help everybody! i appreciate it.
  4. hmmm yeh this is what i was worried about, see the manual says connect p2 p3 connector but i cant find the relative sockets... there was space for the 4 pin next to the 20 pin connector and the were both together do you think i should take it out and use the p2 on it? btw thanks so much for the motherboard info im in the process of fiinding a manual for it maybe it can shed some light. thanks!
  5. yeh its the red light at the back, well its off till i press the power on button at the front of the front of my case, perhaps i havent connected the motherboard to the case properly? (it was a new case too, got the psu together) as soon as i press power on nothing happens except the red light at the back of the psu goes on. heres some pics of the setup,
  6. ha....... yeh, thanks for the info its good to know! hmm i was reading somewhere that motherboards need to be +5v instead of -5V whatever that means, ill guess mine is -5 since its an older model. i cant think of any other reason the red light is on other than that... unless it comes on for bad connections?
  7. hi there been googling around for solutions and found this forum! Ive done a dumb thing i bought the 600 watt unit thinking that it would do for my old computer and would last when i wanted to upgrade! i thought even tho it was a 600 watt psu, the igreen series regulated power smartly. so if you were only needing a 250 watt psu it would supply it, and go higher the more you need? but i think i was wrong cos the red led is on, my motherboard is at least 3 years old now cant remmebr the make msi, if i look on it i see the model name is n1996. can i assume this is the problem? or is there any troubleshooting advise you can give me. sigh looks like i might have to upgrade sooner than i wanted to ahhaha. thanks