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    Nicknasc mate great question I have the 280L with the same question. My mobo is the z68 ud7 i7. My problem is that either via the four pin fan header or via fan controller the fans don't soon up sometimes or at the same time? quote name="NickNasc" post="110396" timestamp="1406298514"]Same issue I have seen everywhere but no answers so I come to the source. No matter what fan speeds I set in bios the fans run at 1800 + THE NOISE IS DRIVING ME NUTS. Cpu fan is hooked to pump running on SMART 7K +/- The Double fans set up in push pull are on cpu fan 2 Tried SMART , Adjusting to each level in temps , Auto AND OVERRIDE static speeds.............. THEY RUN ON FULL NON STOP. All other fans operate properly. The temps in my case are all good. CPU idles in the 30s SO how is this fixed? My old cooler could do this at 100% and ROARING Fans 24/7 and it cost 30 bucks! Any Ideas? PS PLEASE HELP me with this. I cannot even work/Think with this machine , it is like being in a CARGO PLANE TRYING TO GET ALTITUDE!!! PSS YOUR LIVE CHAT DOES NOT WORK